Note: This takes place a few years after KOTLC, and Shannon Messenger characters are mentioned.

Chapter 1

I should've known. Father wouldn't leave a crystal to the Forbidden Cities laying around where Harly or I could snatch it, but I had to look. But today was my lucky day! One was lying out. I slipped it into my pocket, and walked back up to my room.

"When should I try it? Oh, be patient, Willi." I said, pacing. "Well, there's no time better then the present!" I sighed. Maybe Cara could help. I leapt to her home.

"Willi! What are you-" she lowered her voice as she realized. "Already?"

"Yeah!" I slipped it out, grinning.

"Wanna go?" she asked. "Let's go now. After all, the present is a present!" she laughed at her own joke. I laughed, too.

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