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It has been a month since Sophie Elizabeth Foster broke, and as she lay in the madness of a shattered mind, a single shard floated and connected perfectly to its twin, like a puzzle piece. And when that happened, a single bit of Sophie's mind was healed. Then, with that, a voice went into her head, a soft crisp voice. And the voice belonged to a person that would make a daring attempt to save her, heal her, fix her, and make her whole again. The voice belonged to a person she would never forget. A person that couldn't sink under the guilt and pressure of her broken state. Her sanity relied on a person who could bring her memories back... or could he?

Chapter 1

Edaline and Grady stayed behind. Everyone else had left. They returned the elephant charm bracelet to the tree and proceeded to add a charm to Jolie's bracelet. Ella was there too. In her bright blue fabric and Hawaiian T - shirt, she didn't look like she was mourning very much. But Edaline had added a bright green miniature cape before the funeral, and declared her fully ready.

Out of nowhere, a ghost appeared. It floated from Jolie's tree, stopping at Sophie's. Grady and Edaline looked up. "Jolie?" Grady whispered. The ghost of Jolie nodded. Then she stepped aside to reveal a shimmering live view of Sophie's thoughts. Jolie's ghost pointed to one tiny shard so small, the two elves would have missed it completely. Then a piece of it connected with a twin, forming two blurry words. They could identify six letters of the first one.

T. L. P. A. T. H.

Edaline recognized the word immediately. "Telepath!" Jolie nodded. Then she pointed to the next word. This time, they identified five letters.

C. G. N. T. E.

Edaline shouted, "Cognate!" Jolie nodded. Then she gave Grady and Edaline a quick hug before walking back to her tree and disappearing.

Chapter 2

As Grady held the home crystal up, Edaline conjured it to her own hand. Then a different crystal appeared in Grady's hand.

"Everglen? Why?" Edaline gave him a look. "Fine," Grady sighed. Before stepping into the light, he asked, "Can't this wait until tomorrow?" "Nope. Now."

The couple swished away with the light and ended up at the gleaming doors. Alden opened them and his eyes widened. "What brings you here?"

Grady grumbled something about interrupting while Edaline explained what Jolie showed them. The image. The sign. Alden's eyes widened a little more. Then he said, "Come in. Della's preparing mallowmelt."

When the couple entered the mansion, Alden turned. "Fitzroy Avery Vacker! Come down here!"

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