Chapter 1

“Fitz I can’t tell you who my biological parents are.” Sophie told him. “If Mr. Forkle tells me, I might be able to register, for you. Will you please wait a few hundred years? For Me?”

“Of course I will.” Fitz promised. “We’ll get through this.”

Sophie leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. Fitz pulled away first.

“I’m sorry is it too much, too earl—” Sophie stressed.

Fitz answered by kissing her back. It was wonderful and it totally rocked Sophie’s world.

“I should probably go to bed.” Sophie whispered pulling away even though she really didn’t want to. “Goodnight Fitz.”

“Goodnight Sophie.” Sophie gave him a small hug went to her bedroom. A smile stayed on her face until she saw Grady.

“Call Fitz home after school tomorrow.” Grady told Sophie. “He and I need to have a little talk.”

“Oh no.” Sophie mumbled.

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