Marellas P.O.V.

I sat on my bed reading one of my dads useless books about pyrokenisis I had just cam back from training with Fintan and I couldent stop thinking about him Tam. SHUT UP HE LIKES BIANA ITS OBIOUS AND WHY WOULD HE WANT TO BE WITH YOU THE PYROKENITIC YOULL BE A GARRENTED BAD MATCH> My brain siad but my heart wouldent agree.

dexs P.O.V.

I held Binaas hand laughing I was so glad we were togetghter now I Loved evrey thing about her her betafil brown hair and teal eyes but most of all I loved her personaility she had ran into the room crying about a date with Tam, They had broken up I conforted her then BAM she reahed up and kissed me STHRAIGHT ON THE LIPS.

Tams P.O.V.

I called Biana on her imparter no use I hadent meant to say I didint like the kiss It wasent right I threw my imparter against the wall it shattered. I sent all the shadows at it fixing it it burned like fire then WAIT Biana was wearing the necklace I gave her it had a tracker in it i looked at the tracking dvice Rimeshere it said I tried not to crush my hopes and leaped there Juline told me that Biana was in Dexs room fixing a gadget I sighed in relief and raced up I opened the door just to see them kissing.

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