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This Character Belongs To Eve
Birthday: 04/20/2005
Age: 14
Orientations: Straght
Species: Elf
Talent: Shade
School: Foxfire
Occupation: Foxfire Protigy
Location: ???
Gender: Feamale
Relationship Status: Single
Nationality: Elven
Accent: Elven
Affiliations: What?
Status: Single
Shadow Girl
Fayme likes to stand up for whats right and wont back down

Model: Herself


Famye has rose-gold hair and violet-blue eyes. Her skin is pale with light freckles on her face. Naturally thin pink-red lips. Short. Round nose and eyes. She always has a pained expiration in her eyes. Heart Shaped face.


She can be rude and blunt, but mostly to her parents. She isn't close with her family but her sister Geraldine and her brother Sage. Famye wants to bend into the shadows often because of her parents (without trying to) making her feel like she doesn't belong. She often wears fancy clothes when she is alone because she likes to wear that stuff but is afraid of people judging her.


Her parents used to be counselors but soon fell in love and left the console. They still work to help the console and they often are away. Her parents often try to force her to join try to join the console but she wants to be a match-maker. Never got along with them, but she still loves them. Her parents often don't help her with needed stuff.

Famye has 4 siblings, in order from oldest to youngest, Atlas, Barack, Sage, and Geraldine. Her dad, Arthgallo, is a phaser her mom is an enhancer. Her 3 older brothers are all phasers except Sage, who is a technopath. Famyes little sister, Geraldine, who didn't manifest yet but will be an enhancer. Sage and her had a closer bond because her parents hate both their abilities. Sage keeps being a technopath hidden

Her parents had a list of bad abilities, they were a bit old fashion and judgy.









Fayme doesn't have any friends yet...Can I roleplay with you as her to make some?

Fayme doesn't have any enemies yet...Can I roleplay with you as her to make some?

No one


Famye is good at comparing things and alchemy. Famye is also good at reading people and finding out secrets. She loves to sing and act but isn't very good at it. She is awful at making big choices and trusting others.

  • Her parents hate the abilities; Pyrokinetic Technopath Shade Empath Mesmer
  • Her brother keeps being a technopath a secret
  • She wants to be an Alchmist


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