Welcome to the Fanart Requests page! This is still a major WIP!

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What this is going to be Edit

Something that we need more of in the Keeper fandom is fanart! This is why we're in the process of creating a fan art request page where users can request fan art to be made by other users. Everything is still being planned out and if you have any ideas we would definitely appreciate some help. Just leave a comment!

The Basics Edit

This can be a place where users can request fan art to be made by other users.The requests could be for a specific artist (it can be their choice to take the request or not) or it could be to anyone who is willing to take the request.

The requests can vary from extremely descriptive (describing every detail of what they want) or it could be a very vague description that leaves more for the artist to interpret. The users could also put how serious they want it to be (serious meaning if the artist can just draw stick figures and not put a lot of thought into it or if they need to put a little effort into it to make it look good.) Anyone can make a request or be the artist (unless the someone wants to ask a specific person). Also someone can choose to be open to requests or not. Whether people want to draw stick figures, make paintings, do digital art- the possibilities are endless!

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