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The concept of fanfiction relates to the stories that the fans make using the base ideas of a book, movie, or show. This community encourages it very much, and would love for you to create your own KotLC fanfiction! You may do so via the box-and-button setup below.

This is the hub for getting to all of the fanfiction pages. Remember, you can also use the top navigation to find these pages, too! This is just a page with all of the links so you can access them all easily and quickly.

Most viewed fanfictions

These are the fanfictions that got the most views in mentioned wiki's month of activity. The list will be updated each month to show the most viewed fanfictions of the wiki. Congrats to all of the amazing authors on the list!

This list is made from views in the month of June, 2019.

Fanfiction Name Author Place
Sokeefe fanfic Ihasgreatgrammer 1
A Collection of One-Shots Light and Bright 2
Sokeefe becomes official! Fanfic! Ihasgreatgrammer 3

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