A t t e n d a n c e

Put your character's name in a list below if they are attending this week of Exillium and will be roleplaying. This way, we'll know which character gets beads for what week.

R o l e p l a y

About Approval Hail Me

Zara Zimmermann "Zero" Heidelweiss Unstable Wayward
"Elves are stupid and being around them is a horror."
Hail Me Talentless

Zara came to class that day, sitting quietly. She felt relatively confident, since she loved the dark.

Nayamae "Mae" Taikasha ◒ she/her pronouns

➸ Talentless Pyrokinetic ◒ Exillium Student
"Step into the fire only after gearing up. In other words, always come prepared."
Hail Me ◒ PST

Mae leapt to the rough Exillium terrain. It seemed that today, they would be working on the skill of Darkness Vision. Being a pyrokinetic, she had often spent time in the dark with a small ember in hand to lead the way. Seems like today, that would be cheating, she thought. She wanted to be a good student, and yet... this was going to be very hard for her.

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