A t t e n d a n c e

Put your character's name in a list below if they are attending this week of Exillium and will be roleplaying. This way, we'll know which character gets beads for what week.

R o l e p l a y

Nayamae "Mae" Taikasha ◒ she/her pronouns

➸ Talentless Pyrokinetic ◒ Exillium Student
"Step into the fire only after gearing up. In other words, always come prepared."
Hail Me ◒ PST

Mae sighed as she leaped to the new Exillium campus. She thought and hoped she'd never come here, but oh well. After missing last week, she felt inclined to have perfect attendance for the next few. "What's this week's skill?" she asked.

[[File:|160px|link=Mildori Earthlynn]]
About 👑 Approval 👑 Hail Me

Midori Earthynn 👑 The prettist Earthlynn 👑 Exillium Wayward
Wanna chit-chat 👑 CDT

Midori shrugged and looked at the teacher

About Approval Hail Me

Zara Zimmermann "Zero" Heidelweiss Unstable Wayward
"Elves are stupid and being around them is a horror."
Hail Me Talentless

Zara leaped to school for the second week. It was a miracle that she had even survived the first.

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