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Put your character's name in a list below if they are attending this week of Exillium and will be roleplaying. This way, we'll know which character gets beads for what week.

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Zara Zimmermann "Zero" Heidelweiss Unstable Wayward
"Elves are stupid and being around them is a horror."
Hail Me Talentless

Zara wasn't too thrilled about this new term of Exillium. She already had a tough time at the last one, and she was really nervous about this one. Her anxiety was running high right now, so she decided to get there early and ponder life before anyone else came and tried to disturb her with chants of "Zero Zara." Oh how she wished she had never told them her name.

[[File:|160px|link=Mildori Earthlynn]]
About 👑 Approval 👑 Hail Me

Midori Earthynn 👑 The prettist Earthlynn 👑 Exillium Wayward
Wanna chit-chat 👑 CDT

Midori looks around at the lake hoping that she could jump in

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