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Put your character's name in a list below if they are attending this week of Exillium and will be roleplaying. This way, we'll know which character gets beads for what week.

R o l e p l a y

About 🧩 Approval 🧩 Hail Me

Lexi Gerrin - challenger 🧩 wayward 🧩 discovering her roads
"breaking necks, she breaking calves; look at her, can't get enough."
let me show you the door! 🧩 18:30, August 4, 2019 (UTC)

Now this, she could get behind. Levitation, while not quite her thing, was more exciting than everything else they have done so far.

About 🌇 Approval 🌇 Hail Me

Meghan Erlenmeyer - utopia 🌇 wayward 🌇 in search of truth
"whatever i've known, wherever i've been, whomever i loved, you wanna take it from me..."
will you talk with me? 🌇 18:30, August 4, 2019 (UTC)

Now this was Meghan's thing for sure. She was looking forward to it too.

About 🕊️ Approval 🕊️ Hail Me

Zofia Schramm - memories past 🕊️ wayward 🕊️ amnesiac 🕊️ lost & confused
"i walked for hours inside you, i talked in my voice and tried to find your heart..."
please leave me be... 🕊️ 18:30, August 4, 2019 (UTC)

This wouldn't be too bad. Levitating is one of the very, very few things that she knows how to do.

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Mayura Spalding ~ Emotional Wreck
"Don't be a fool and hopefully you'll get through."
Hail Me Talentless.png

Mayura was pretty okay at levitating, so he came to class with a neutral attitude.

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