Basic Facts

Full Name Bliss Earthlynn
Inception Date (ID) 10/31/3004
Eye Color Teal
Hair Color Light brown
Ability/Abilities (if any) Polygot
Biological Parents Kalei and Grant Earthlynn
Current Guardians (if any) Kalei and Grant Earthlynn
Personality Type (extrovert, ambivert, or introvert) Extrovert
Three Main Skills
  • Levitating
  • Breath Control
  • Blinking

List what your character would do under the Arch of Dividing.

Bliss would decide to untie the rope because she wouldn't wanna do anything that could damage it. (Despite the fact it was unessisary to do so.)

List any background information about the past of your character. This should be at least one paragraph long.

Bliss is always positive and happy. She wouldn't let anything bad happen to her four siblings, Taurus, Colin, Midori, and her twin Verna. One day Midori used her powers as a mesmer to hurt someone. Midori got expelled at Foxfire, and Bunny was scared so she left Foxfire for Exlium so she could join her to make sure she was safe

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  Left Hemisphere

It would be nice if Midori were to attend as well ;)

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