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Put your character's name in a list below if they are attending this week of Exillium and will be roleplaying. This way, we'll know which character gets beads for what week.

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Livia Stone ♥♡♥ She/Her pronouns

⇢ Lonely ♥♡♥ Student of Exilium
"I am strong because I've been weak, I am fearless because I've been afraid, I am wise because I've been foolish."
Hello ♥♡♥ Eastern ♥♡♥ Character Approval

Livia was glad when she didn't see her mentor. Since she was late, but she still looked around warily. Since her teacher might be blinking again or some other odd form of dissapearing.


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Nagisa Etsuko Ito ➳ She/Her pronouns ♠ Ambi Hemisphere Coach
"Silence never solves problems: speaking up does. Trust me, it will be worth it in the end."
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"Looks like I'm late today," says Nagisa, leaping in. "Well, might as well start now by skipping ahead a little. Any good with brain pushes?"

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