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Evelyn Scott


Evelyn is full of poise. She is graceful, kind, and sweet. Now that she has her ability, she is becoming bitter due to the way people looked at her and shamed her. She still tries to be loyal to herself and the way she feels, but being cornered at school based on ability has broken her. She has even started to feel guilt, not exactly what an elf wants.


Evelyn Grace Scott was born special. Always wearing a smile on her face, she made everyone's day better. Born the daughter of two emissaries and an only child, she was sweet and gentle. Never using her family's high up position for her good, but instead using it to help others. Many older members of the nobility looked up to her, as she was a beacon for good deeds. She was also smart and bright, always willing to give someone tips on their schoolwork.

That was, until she manifested as a pyrokinetic. She didn't expect it, no one did. She was predicted to become a telepath, like both her parents.

Her parents tried to be supportive of her, helping her learn how to restrain her ability, as she was still given an opportunity to continue at Foxfire.

But after one too many accidents, she had no choice but to get a restraining pendant.

Walking around the streets with the pendant on was a sign of shame. People threw their words at her, for something that wasn't even her fault.

She hated her life now.


Evelyn has shiny light brown hair and periwinkle eyes, and all the boys used to care about her looks.

Birth Information:

- Gender: Female


  - Eye color:Periwinkle bluue


  - Hair color: Light Brown


  - Ethnicity: Elven


  - Job: Foxfire Student




Evelyn Scott

➣ Poised but full of flames ✵ Shamed Pyrokinetic
"I'm often silent when I'm screaming inside."
Hail Me ✵ EST


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