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Ethan Parks ➵ Kind Loner ➵ The Quiet One
"It takes great courage to be kind even when others have not."
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This Character Belongs To Z
Birthday: july first
Age: fourteen years of age
Orientations: heterosexual
Species: elf
Talent: enhancer
School: foxfire
Occupation: quiet student
Location: parks residence
Gender: male
Relationship Status: none
Nationality: elvin
Accent: british
Affiliations: looking/planned
Status: alive
kind loner

Model: Jason Grace


blond hair and sky blue eyes


ethan is extremely kind, although quiet. he loves to read, and will always talk about a book. he is quite the independent thinker, and often contemplates the meaning of life and such. because of his past with betrayal of friends, he is hard to open up to.


ethan grew up in a loving home with talentless parents. he was easily described as a happy go lucky kid, and loved to learn. he started foxfire and he loved it there, and was one of the more popular kids. but one day, everyone found out who his parents were. now shunned, ethan grew quieter and quieter, and eventually stopped talking as much. ethan started being bullied, and still loved to learn. now fourteen and an enhancer,(which is something hardly anyone on earth knows about) he can be hard to open up too. ethan is an only child. the day he manifested was both the best and worst day of his life. it was the best, because, well, he manifested after the entire elvin world’s doubt, and the worst because it was the day he knew. he knew that bad people would try to use him, control him, treat him like a weapon, not the elvin being he was-at any chance they got. as a result, he cut himself of from people, refusing to answer questions about his ability. he didn’t even want to learn how to control it, that’s how scared he got.


ethan grew up with loving parents.

-emily parks-

ethan loves his mother, and his mother loves him back. they spend a lot of time together.

-eric parks-

ethan loves his father, and eric sparked his love of reading.

ethan doesn’t have friends....

ethan doesn’t believe in enemies


reading, poetry, enhancing(although he doesn’t know it)being sad, being quiet, reading people

  • ethan is fourteen
  • ethan is an enhancer
  • ethan doesn’t judge people for who their parents are, or who they once were
  • ethan hasn’t had proper ability training
  • ethan is terrified of becoming evil
  • he has a low self esteem
  • all the years he was quiet, he became extremely observant
  • he can play the piano
  • more coming after Z decides to stop being lazy


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