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=== Kara and Caradoc ===
{{KwelvWB|text = Caradoc had gotten up from a 12-hour sleep a half an hour ago, and had since been taking all kinds of bad tasting medications. Soon he would be out of here, just another day, but it had almost been a week and he was getting quite lonely, not to mention that the pain was still there. He leaned against the wall on his cot, seeing if he would have any visitors today.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara stomped up to Caradoc’s room and sat by his bed and glared at him. Which was pretty unusual, considering the fact that she was rarely angry. “All right, spill. We haven’t talked for a while, and suddenly, this happens?”}}
{{KwelvWB|text = He sensed her irritation. "Sorry, I meant to talk to you sooner, but then ''this'' happened." He said. "Cameron Davenport--he's a Pyrokinetic criminal--did this and threatened to kill me and tried to kill Calla as well. I barely got out alive." He remembered the vivid memories of pain. "But I can get out of the hospital tomorrow. After that the doctors said Ardelle could take care of me for a bit."}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara blew a strand of hair out of her face. "Well, at least your alive. Do you know how worried I was when I heard if this? And I'm glad Ardelle's been taking care of you. You're very lucky to hace someone like her in your life." She smiled at him.}}
{{KwelvWB|text = "I'm sorry you were worried, but I'm glad you came in," he said. "I've been needing some company anyway." He smiled. "And, I'm not sure if you heard or not, but Ardelle and I are dating now."}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara grinned. "I kbow already. But hoe you forgot to mention this to your own best friend is beyond me."}}
{{KwelvWB|text = "Again, I'm sorry, I've been really busy lately," he said. "And I've had a lot to think about." He looked at her. "Anyway, how is the concert going?"}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara shrugged. "Its goibg pretty good, if I do say so myself. Its going to be a great concert, from what I can tell!"}}
{{KwelvWB|text = "That's great!" Caradoc said. "I'm glad you're helping with it, I bet you're doing great."}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara gave him a modest smile. "I tried my best. Hopefully it will all pay off."}}
{{KwelvWB|text = "I bet it will," he said. He winced. He felt something. A surge of pain in his mind, that he hadn't felt before. A low whisper that quickly faded before he could listen. He hoped Kara hadn't noticed his sudden pain, he didn't want to worry her.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara’s brows furrowed as she saw Caradoc wince in pain. Nothing escaped her attention. “Caradoc, is something wrong? Should I call the doctor?”}}
{{KwelvWB|text = "No, I think it's okay. Probably just a headache or something," he said, but he wasn't quite sure what it had been, and it didn't seem like a headache.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara rolled her eyes. “You should know by now to not lie to me. It’s literally inpossible to do that.” She frowned. “I’m still calling the doctor.”}}
{{KwelvWB|text = "Okay, but I actually am not sure what went on there, it's never happened before," he said.}}{{NatWB|text = She had heard Kara call for her, and walked in. "What's going on? Is something wrong?"}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara gestured to Caradoc. “Caradoc here has some sort of pain in his head, but I don’t think it’s just a headache.”}}{{NatWB|text = "Oh, that's not good," she said. She gave him a bit of liquid medicine. "That should help with the pain. As for it being more than a headache, we'll have to look into that."}}
{{KwelvWB|text = After the medicine, another surge of pain invaded his mind, and all he saw was darkness for a few seconds. And he heard a dark whisper. ''Save me, and you will be rewarded. Set me free once again.'' When he opened his eyes he was on the floor, in pain.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara was immediately by his side, rubbing his back. “Caradoc? Caradoc? What’s wrong?” She turned to Natalie with frantic eyes. “What’s wrong with him?”}}
{{NatWB|text = She had trained for moments like this. She made him drink some more medicine and got a small device she put against Caradoc's forehead. "Nothing physical. It's mental damage. His mental stability is way lower than it was yesterday, someone's invaded his mind."}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = “Is it safe for me to go into his mind?” Kara asked her, studying Caradoc with worried eyes.}}
{{NatWB|text = "Should be now, but if his levels become dangerous, I'm going to shake you," she said. "But, I think you can enter his mind if you want."}}{{KwelvWB|text = "I give you permission to, Kara," he said.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara put her hands on his temples and entered his mind. When she did,  black smoke invaded her own mind and she staggered back, coughing. “Wh-what was THAT?”}}
{{KwelvWB|text = Caradoc was breathing heavily. "He--he did something to me. I'm not sure what, but...I can hear him." ''Save me...''}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara put her hand on his forehead and paled. “Oh god, he’s coming down with a serious fever. Natalie, go get something to sedate him!” She was seriously worried now.}}
{{NatWB|text = Natalie got two pills and made Caradoc swallow them. Within seconds, his head fell limp with unconsciousness. She grabbed cold cloths and pressed them against his head.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = “There’s something serious going on here, and I’m going to find out what!” Kara said, her mind trying to find ways to get to the bottom of this. “Wait. He said something about his injuries being caused by Cameron what’s-his-name, right?”}}
{{NatWB|text = "Cameron Davenport. Yeah. Do you think that has some connection to this?"}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = “I do. He’s apparently a mass murder, and is the cause of Caradoc’s injuries. I suspect that he’s the one invading his mind.” She paled as she remembered something. “I’ve heard that he has connections to one of the pillars of Elkfield.”}}
{{NatWB|text = "That would make him able to do this," she said. "But I don't know how we can stop it--this is powerful stuff."}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara was deep in thought when suddenly, her head snapped up. “I know two wearers of the pillars of Elkfield,” she whispered.}}
{{NatWB|text = "Could they help?" she asked. She sure hoped so. Caradoc deserved to not suffer through this.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = “Kenric might, but I don’t know about Draco...” Kara shook her head. “He’s pretty bent on getting what he wants.”}}
{{KwelvWB|text = ''Save me...kill all who stand in my way...'' The whispers echoed in his head, images of fire and darkness shooting through his mind. Even in unconsciousness, he shifted in pain.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara glanced at Caradoc, then asked Natalie, “Is it still safe to go into his mind again?”}}
{{NatWB|text = "You could try, but you could get hurt," Natalie warned.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara nodded, took a deep breath, and plunged into his mind again.}}
{{KwelvWB|text = Darkness invaded his mind right before Kara plunged into it. Images swirled through his mind, as an evil laugh, and whispers followed: ''Save me...''}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Just as Kara went into his mind, Shen was pushed out. She groaned and held her head. “This is getting ridiculous. I think I might need the help of another Telepath.”}}
{{NatWB|text = "I'm not a Telepath, so I don't think I can help, this is mental, no medicines can fix it," Natalie said. "Do you know anyone that could help?"}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara nodded. “Two. Calla and Mason. They’re pretty strong and mighty be able to help.”}}
{{NatWB|text = "I'm not a Telepath, but I can tell his mental energy is fading. If you can't get their help, he could die. Call them whatever you need to do!" Natalie said.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara whipped out her Imparter and hailed the first person that came to mind. “Calla, I seriously need your help. Can you come to the Eternalia Hospital right now?”}}
{{KwelvWB|text = He felt searing pain in his head, and opened his eyes and looked at Kara. "What--what did she say?"}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = “That place is my second home...” She murmured. “What’s the problem?” She asked Kara. }}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = “It’s Caradoc,” she said, gesturing to him. “Someone’s invaded his mind, and I And your help to get into it because this I just keep getting kicked out.”}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = “I’ll be there in a second.” She walked into the hospital room a few moments later, “Where’s the patient?”}}
{{KwelvWB|text = He screamed in pain, his hands on his head, and rolled over, wincing. He was breathing heavily.}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = She ran over to Caradoc and put her hands on his temples. “His mind was cold, dark.” She came out, “Someone is trying gain control of him, I can stop them, But it’s very risky for him.” }}
{{NatWB|text = "He'll get controlled if this continues, maybe he'll even die," she said. "Whatever you can do."}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = We have to go into his mind and try to kick out whatever isnhiding in there,” Kara told Calla, eyeing Caradoc with concern.}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = Calla was a natural born leader. She turned to Natalie, “Make sure he doesn’t movement, not even a  centimetre.” Than She turned to Kara, “That person is very strong. If I get stuck in there, it’s up to you to pull me out, got it? We can’t both go in because that makes us more vulnerable.” Than She looked at Caradoc, “This is going to hurt at first, but I’m going to make it as painless as possible.”}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara nodded her head. “Okay, got it.”}}
{{NatWB|text = "Quickly, now," she said. "They're starting to gain control of him!"}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = Calla entered his mind. She walked around looking for the source of the voice. When she heard a hint of it, she walked towards it. She focused, the first step was the get rid of the voice.}}
{{KwelvWB|text = Pain surged through his mind. It made him want to collapse, but the consciousness he had left knew that it could suck Calla into the darkness, or at least badly injure her. ''Kill me...'' He screamed with pain.}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = She could hear the voice too, “I’m not dying today.” She murmured. She could sort of recognize the voice, it had an edge, but it was different too. She imagined the voice trapped in a sound proof box. Than flinged the box out of Caradoc’s mind. But this next step was going to hurt him, she had to find the source. She imagined it to be a weed, something she had to pull out of the ground. She grabbed it with two hands and retracted it from his mind.}}
{{KwelvWB|text = He clutched his head. That hurt extremely badly. He fell from his kneeling position, knocked out.}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = She gritted her teeth, this weed was big. It was the size of a tree. This person was powerful. All she had to do was figure out who this person was. She focused, than gasped. She destroyed to weed and stepped out of his mind.}}
{{KwelvWB|text = His eyes shot open and he sat up, a searing headache in his mind. "Did it work?"}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = She nodded, “It did. I also put a protective barrier around your mind so I’m the only one that can get access.”}}
{{KwelvWB|text = "Good," he said. "I never want that creep in my mind again."}}
{{CallaFosterWB| text = “There was something of with that voice. I could have sworn I heard it before.” It was odd she couldn’t remember, being she had a photographic memory.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara began pacing around. “Something very strange is going on here. Why would someone go to such lengths to get into Caradoc’s mind? And what are they expecting to get out of this?”}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = “I’m not sure. But I think this is bigger than Caradoc. It has connections to someone who isn’t Caradoc, but someone close to him.” She said, “All of my faimily but my dad can’t have their minds breached by random strangers, and we put protection around his mind. I’m pretty sure Abben put that protection on his family and mom did to the rest of our friends. I’m not sure how easy it is to get into your mind Kara, but I’m thinking it’s someone you can’t get access to.” }}
{{KwelvWB|text = He shivered. He had seen things he would never forget. Dark things. He heard Calla's words. Someone ''close'' to him. "No, no, no, no, not them." he muttered to himself.}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = “Who is ''them''?” She asked.}}
{{KwelvWB|text = "I saw things, Calla," he said. "Do you think they're real?"}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = “That depends, what did you see?” She asked.}}
{{KwelvWB|text = "Draconius Ember and Cameron Davenport working together..." he said. "And something else."}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = “Seriously, I just sent Davenport to jail! Can’t they give me a break? Even if it’s just for a day? “ She said in frustration, “Oh, and what’s the something else?”}}
{{KwelvWB|text = "Oh, it's probably nothing. Probably not true anyway," he said, shrugging.}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = She rolled her eyes, “Everything can mean something, so come on, spill.”}}
{{KwelvWB|text = "You're going to think I'm crazy," he said. "I saw...someone. Someone I think is dead."}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = “Dead? As in not living?” Her eyes widened, “How is that probably nothing?”}}
{{KwelvWB|text = "Well, it might not be true," he said. "But you may have heard me tell you about a girl named Emily before. She was killed by King Fury, or so I thought. In the looked like she was alive."}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = “Emily? As in ''the'' Emily? This just took a dramatic turn!” She paced back and forth, “What exactly did you see? Give me the exact details.”}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = Calla leaned over to whisper into Kara's ear, "Our lives could be a soap opera."}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = “It could,” Kara agreed sadly and sighed. “So much drama all the time. Don’t we deserve a break for once?”}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = "Apparently not. We should write a book on all of this." She snickered.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = “It would be a bestseller in a mer of days!” Kara added with a laugh.}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = Calla turned to Kara, “It would! And we would have to hav e series! Each book would be like 1,000 pages long!” She started squealing and jumping up and down, “What is happening to me?”}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = “I have no idea!” Kara replied, eyes bright. “We could have so many plot twists and cruel cliffhangers and laughs evilly when something the readers don’t want to happen happens!”}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = “And we can have complicated plot lines and make the reader’s head’s spin and do something so selfishly cruel, but yet so satisfying!” She said with a large grin.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = “Yeah!” Kara agreed with a big grin. “And then, have a slow burn ship that will have readers pulling their hair out in frustration because they want the characters to just kiss already!”}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = Calla grabbed Kara’s hands and started jumping up and down, “We’ll rule the world with our amazing cliffhangers and plot twaidtsnand make them almost die and than make them wait a whole year for another book!”}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara jumped up and down excitedly too. “Yes! We’ll make them all tremble before us with fright, for we shall rule the world with our bestselling books!”}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = “There must be paper around here somewhere we’ve got to start planning!” She walked around looking for it.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = “Found some!” Kara called, holding up a stack of papers and a box full of pens. “Let the reign of the new queens of the world begin!”}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = Calla grinned, “I like the sound of that!”}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = “All right, so first, characters,” Kara started, writing the heading on a blank sheet of paper.}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = “Before that we need a setting, what year is this going to be in? What’s it like in this place?” She said, “So we can shape our characters to be a certain way due to the environment they grew up in.” She explained.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara tapped the pen against her chin in thought. "What if we had it in a future where the Lost Cities ''wasn't'' the pristine place it is now? Like, maybe it had fallen under the rule of the ogers or something."}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = “Good idea. The ogres are ruling the Lost Cities, and using Elves as slaves maybe.” She said.}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = Kara nodded. "Yeah. But, what if we had the ogers hiding something major? Something that... could be the entire downfall of the ''world''. And the ogers were planning to use it maybe?"}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = “Oh! And what if there is this secret society, like the Black Swan, but not the Black Swan or Neverseen, who know about it. And they try to recruit our protagonist or protagonists. Then they go to the thing the ogres are hiding!” She said. }}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = "Yeah! And what if our protagonist isn't agreeing to join bevause he or she have been raised to belive that this group is bad. And then, he or she find out that their best friend is part of it and didn't tell him or her, feels betrayed, but now has no choice but to join?"}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = “Yeah, And while that happens, they fall in love with someone in the society. Or even better! They fall for someone who is friends with the ogres and they have a Forbidden love!”}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text =  Kara sighed dreamily. "Forbidden love is always the best type of love." Suddenly, she got another idea. "Oh! What if the person they fall in loce with betrays them to the ogers, leaves the protagonist feeling hurt and heartbroken, but in reality, the love intrest was forced to betray them for the sake of them living!"}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = “Yes! This book is going to be amazing!” She said excitedly!}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = "It is! We're amazing! she declared with a grin.}}
{{CallaFosterWB|text = She high fives Kara, “We’re not just amazing, we are more the best if the best!”}}
{{KaraHawkefireWB|text = "The queens of the world!" she added, then looked back at the stack of papers. "We should get back to planning. We can praise ourselves when we're done doing that."
{{RPPage|Text = The biggest, most famous hospital, filled with some of the best doctors in the Lost Cities.|Title = Eternalia Hosptital}}
{{RPPage|Text = The biggest, most famous hospital, filled with some of the best doctors in the Lost Cities.|Title = Eternalia Hosptital}}
{{RPPage|Text = The biggest, most famous hospital, filled with some of the best doctors in the Lost Cities.|Title = Eternalia Hosptital}}
{{RPPage|Text = The biggest, most famous hospital, filled with some of the best doctors in the Lost Cities.|Title = Eternalia Hosptital}}
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