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Roleplay Edit

'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle ran to the front desk, “Where is Caradoc Kwelv? And don‘t you dare say, ‘Only family alllowed‘ I’m his girlfriend I have every right to be in there.” 

The attendent looked over whelmed, “He’s right this way.”{{KwelvWB|text = Caradoc was lying in the bed. It was mere hours after the attack had happened, and yet he was still in tremendous pain, even after some of the medicine they had given him. He had scars on his legs, arms, chest and back from the bloody cuts he had gotten. He smiled though, when the attendant led Ardelle in. She was the one person that made him feel better. He waved weakly. "Hey Ardelle."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''She walked up to him, taking in his state, “Oh my gosh Caradoc, I’m so sorry,”{{KwelvWB|text = "It's alright," he said, almost hoarsely. He winced. "At least I'll live."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''It broke her heart to see him at this state, “They’re wrapping your bandages wrong,” She murmured. She unwinded the gauze then got new gauze to reapply.{{KwelvWB|text = He smiled. He would've complimented her, but all he could do was cough. "Th-thanks, Ardelle."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“I need to have a word with your nurse. They should know how to wrap a bandage.” She crossed her arms and glared at the gauze.{{KwelvWB|text = He would've laughed, but it honestly hurt to move. "They say I won't be able to walk for three days...if it goes exceedingly well. And they have to give me all these shots and medicines," he added.}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“This is painful for me to watch, how are you even getting though this?” She buried  her face in her hands.{{KwelvWB|text = "You're here, that's how," he said, leaning forward a bit, though it took effort, and kissed her on the cheek. "But looks like I'll have a lot of bed rest and medicines the next few days." He looked at her. "Do you know who Cameron Davenport is?"}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“Son of Fintan, mass murderer, pryokinetic, one of th many who tried to kill my best friend.” She listed, “Yeah, I guess I do.”{{KwelvWB|text = "He was there, at Calla's house," he said. "He nearly killed her, blasted me twice and threatened to kill me, nearly sliced Calla's head in two with fire--he was hurt a lot."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“I bet it did.” She whispered, “I talked to Calla earlier, she‘s fine Now. Though J can’t say the same for you.”{{KwelvWB|text = He looked at her. "Sorry I'm such a mess right now, and you're so beautiful," he said. "I'm glad Calla's okay, I was worried there for a few moments."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“That reminds me, I brought something for you.” She pulled out a container, “I know hospital food tastes terrible, so I figured I could make you some of that stuff we made at my house.”{{KwelvWB|text = "Thanks," he said. "I'll make sure to eat that in a bit." He looked at her with a smile. "Gosh, you're so amazing, Ardelle. Thank you for everything."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“I wish I could take the pain instead of you. It kills me to see you in this state.”She told him with sadness in her voice.{{KwelvWB|text = "No," he said, wincing. "You don't deserve this." His broken ankle flared with pain. "You see that vial over there? The purple one, on the table, the small one...yeah, that's the right one. Anyway, it's pain reliever. The nurse said I should have some once or twice an hour. I just need one of the pills, they work quickly."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“Yeah, Okay.” She grabbed the vial and gave it to him. Her eye’s widened, “You probably need water or something.“

She walked around searching for the a bottle. When he grabbed the bottle, she dropped it. “Oh, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I‘m doing. I’ll just get you a new bottle. But I have to find it first...”{{KwelvWB|text = "It's fine," he said with a small smirk as he admired her subtle clumsiness as she dropped the first bottle. "I don't really mind." Just as long as she could find this new bottle quickly.}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle walked out of the room, “Exuse me! Yes you, could I have a bottle of youth please?” When she finally got the bottle, she gave it to Caradoc, “Well I finally did it.”{{KwelvWB|text = He smiled. "Thanks," he said, taking the pill and bottle of youth. "Can you...come visit me a few times here? Since, I won't be able to leave for probably a week."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“Then... I’ll stay all week. I’ll just... sit here.“ She walked to a seat and sat down.{{KwelvWB|text = He extended his hand and held hers tightly. "I'm sorry I've had to make you go through this," he said, feeling a little guilty that she cared so much about him and that it was taking an emotional toll on her.}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle shook her head, “No I’m sorry I wasn’t there. I-I could have washed out the flames or something,”{{KwelvWB|text = "Yeah," Caradoc said. "But this guy means business. He pushed me to the side like I was a bug, and Calla was very close to death."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“Calla has a habit of getting into near death situations. She get‘s it from Sophie.” She said with a shrug.{{KwelvWB|text = He smiled. He was tired. He leaned into Ardelle's hand that was on the rail of his bed. "I--I love you, Ardelle."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle froze. She was pretty sure her heart stopped in her chest. “Y-you’re probably just on a haze from the medicine. Y-you don’t mean that, do you?” She it sure what she was feeling, happiness? Shock? Definitely a lot of shock.{{KwelvWB|text = "Do you want me to mean it?" he asked, cocking an eyebrow.}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle thought, did she want him to mean it? “Yeah, I do.”{{KwelvWB|text = "Then I'll have to admit I'm not in a haze," he said. "And I'm telling the truth. I love you."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle’s heart was beating incredibly fast. She was tongue tied, as if she still couldn’t comprehend what he said.  {{KwelvWB|text = He looked at her. He was wondering whether she was speechless in a good way, or a bad way. "Uh, you okay?"}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle snapped out of her trance and cleared her throat, “Yeah, Yeah I’m fine.”{{KwelvWB|text = "Ok, good," he said. "I'm sorry, if you weren't expecting that."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“No, it’s fine.“ She stood up, “Um, I’ll be right back.”{{KwelvWB|text = "Okay," he said, watching her walk out the door, wondering what she was doing.}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle came back with a large cake. “Today’s your birthday. I had everything planned out, I guess I’ll just save it for another time.”{{KwelvWB|text = He grinned. "Thank you so much for remembering it was my birthday! I'm sorry I ruined your plans, maybe we can do it when I get out of the hospital?"}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“Defiantly. Uh, I wasn’t sure what flavour you preferred, So I bought all of the cakes they had, than ordered a bunch.” She blushed a little, “That one is red velve. But you can just tell me what you like and I’ll get the cake.”{{KwelvWB|text = "Wow, that's so thoughtful," he said. "Thanks." He looked at the cake. "I like red velvet cakes, they're pretty good."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“What’s your favourite type? I’ll go get it.” She said standing up.{{KwelvWB|text = "Mint chocolate, if they have it," he said. "But you don't have to trouble yourself with this."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“No, I got a bunch of cakes for a reason. If it’s mint chocolate you want, it’s mint chocolate you’re going to get.” She light leaped back to her house and grabbed the cake. When she got back to his hospital room, she set the cake down.{{KwelvWB|text = "You're the best," he said. "Mmm, it looks great!"}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle cut out a piece and put it on a plat with a fork. “Here.” She handed him the cake.{{KwelvWB|text = He took a bite, and smiled after swallowing. "It tastes even better than it looks," he said."Best birthday cake ever!"}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle let out a she was holding in, “Oh thank the heavens you like it. I thought you were going to hate the one thing I actually could do on you’re birthday.”{{KwelvWB|text = "Anyone can try, but I'll always like chocolate mint cake," he said with a grin.}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle smiled, “That‘s good to know. I would give you your present, but it can’t actually come into the hospital, or at least, I don’t think it can.” She explained. {{KwelvWB|text = "Okay, best to not risk breaking the rules," he said. "I can wait."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''She looked around, “So what are you going to do here? It looks like it’s can get pretty boring.” {{KwelvWB|text = "I'm not sure yet," he said. "When I find something, I'll tell you."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“So you’re finally 16, that must be exciting.” She grinned, “You’re getting so old.”{{KwelvWB|text = He smiled. "They grow up so fast, don't they?" he asked. The pills and talking to Ardelle had helped his pain, and now he was remembering how very hurt he was. He winced.}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle frowned, “Do you want another pill?”{{KwelvWB|text = "No," he said. "I don't want to overdose on them anyway." All his intentions to say everything was fine were gone. "Some of the things pain relievers can't fix."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“Maybe it will help if you go to sleep.” She concluded.{{KwelvWB|text = "Yeah, yeah, I guess that makes sense," he said, staring up at the ceiling. "I guess I am tired anyway." He pulled the covers up over him. "Thanks Ardelle, for everything."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“You don’t need to th8nk me. Now go to sleep.” She commande.{{KwelvWB|text = He closed his eyes, and within a few minutes he had dozed off and was fast asleep.}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle sighed, “I love you too Caradoc.” She whispered to herself.{{NatWB|text = She walked in through the door. She motioned for Ardelle to follow her. "I think we should let him sleep."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“Yeah. Uh, do I know you?” She asked the girl.{{NatWB|text = She ushered Ardelle out of the room and they began walking down the hall. "Well, I know who you are, Ardelle Song. But I'm not sure you know me. I'm Natalie Waters, a healer and nurse here at the hospital. I was one of the people assigned to help Mr. Kwelv."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle nodded, “Nice to meet you Natalie.“{{NatWB|text = "Nice to meet you, too, Miss Song," Natalie said, shaking Ardelle's hand. "So are you friend or family of Mr. Kwelv?"}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“I’m his girlfriend.” She answered.{{NatWB|text = "Ah, alright, cool," Natalie said. "We're doing everything we can to get him better as soon as possible, but some of the injuries were rather severe."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG:'''”I noticed that too. Did he get any spinal injuries?” She asked Natalie.{{NatWB|text = "Yeah, he fractured one of the bones in his spine," she explained. "Nothing we couldn't fix up quickly, but his back is still pretty numb, and in pain, I doubt he can lean forward much."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle winced, Caradoc was in much more pain than she thought. “I’m looking into the medical field. That’s some serious stuff he got into. You typically don’t get such severe injuries.”{{NatWB|text = "Oh, really? Cool! I think you'd make a good medic," she commented. "Yeah, if Miss Foster hadn't called when she did, he may not be alive right now." She sighed. "He had over five broken bones, a minor concussion, severe blood loss, and even more. I was scared for a moment we didn't have the right medicines to fix it in time."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle turned pale, “How much progress has he made since he got admitted in?”{{NatWB|text = "A decent amount," she said. "But that's mostly because he was unconscious for the first part, and we gave him several shots and medicines that helped, that we can't give him again for a while. We'll need to rely on the smaller medicines for a little bit, and I don't know how long it will take for him to recover fully. The doctors say he won't be able to walk for a week, and he might not be fully recovered for at least two weeks."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“Two whole weeks? That’s a very long time for elves. Do you think he can be realised anytime soon?” She asked.{{NatWB|text = "The doctors said once he can walk he can definitely be released with just a pack of medications," she explained. "But if needed, he could be released within the next couple days, with medications and he'd be in a wheelchair for a few days until he could walk. Which would you prefer?"}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle shook her head, “It doesn’t matter what I prefer, it’s what he wants. You’ll have to ask him when he wakes up.”{{NatWB|text = "Alright, I just thought since you were his girlfriend you might have an opinion on what might be best for him," she explained. "But I think that taking him out of the hospital early might make him mentally feel better, I think the recovery could be slightly delayed."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''“But if he has the proper care outside of this hospital, the recovery won’t take as long.” She pointed out.{{NatWB|text = "True," she said. "You said you wanted to be in the medical field--do you consider yourself skilled enough at it to accompany Mr. Kwelv outside of the hospital with his medications until he is fully recovered?"}}
'''ARDELLE SONG:'''”I can handle it, I’ve delt with much harder medical issues than Caradoc’s. Calla Foster, she typically ends up coming here at least once a week. I have helped her recover while she was fully under my care.” Ardelle told Natalie.{{NatWB|text = "Impressive," Natalie said. "Okay, I'll make sure to mention that to the doctors, in case Mr. Kwelv wants to leave the hospital early." She looked at Ardelle with a smile. "You know, we have been in need of a Head Medic for a while. If you can do that for Mr. Kwelv, and you do such for Miss Foster so often, I think they would approve your application, if you decide you want the job at some point."}}
'''ARDELLE SONG: '''Ardelle smiled, “I’ll be sure to remember that. But I’m still in Foxfire, so I wouldn’t be able to get a job for a few years.”
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