Welcome to Eternalia, the most pristine city in the entire Lost Cities! The place where the Council lives, where the most popular buildings are, this city has it all!


 Eternalia Hospital 

Eternalia Orphanage

Aquarius Gift Shop

History of Eternalia Museum

Diamond Springs Pool & Spa

Hanging Gardens




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Hailey Seawall

➝ Unadopted Little Girl • Bundle of Joy
Hail Me • {{{time}}}

It was dark, and the rain was pouring down in the alley outside of Eastside Mall. The young girl, wrapped up in blankets, began to awake, alarmed her mother wasn't there. She began to softly cry, but it seemed that no one could hear her. She hoped someone would come, but the minutes droned on, and no one seemed to.

Emily Archer The Young Writer • The Kind Writer
"To let go is not to deny, but to accept."
Message Me • EST

Emily walked outside the Mall, carrying a bag with blankets and other supplies for her new house. She stopped when she heard crying. She spotted a small girl not to far away. She walked up. "Awww! What's wrong?" She asked the girl , bending down to her eye level.
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