Spoilers.png This is a page that has spoilers from Legacy. Please do not read this if you have not read this book and don't like spoilers.

Author's note: 

This is my very first fanfic, so please don't judge me. this story takes place a few weeks after the events of "Legacy", so SPOILER ALERT. Anyway, onto the story!



Elwin was poring over the papers on his desk, when Sandor burst into the room carrying Sophie and set her onto a bed next to Keefe's, where he was still unconscious from when his mother's latest plot.
"Back again, are we?" Elwin asked with mock surprise.
"Yes," Sophie responded gesturing to the injury on her shin, "Now please give me the yeti pee or whatever and get it over with."
"What happened?"Elwin asked with concern, "Neverseen attack?"
"Yes, we were on our way to Slurps and Burps to get... something, when the Neverseen ambushed us," Sandor replied in his squeaky voice, "They had weapons I had never seen before, they shot her and then light leaped away before I could hit them with one of my throwing sta-"
Suddenly the door burst open and into the room came Mr. Forkle. "Elwin, I need you to help me with a special mission."


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