"Practice everyday and keep the nosy coach away"


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Gender: Male (Cisgender)
Pronouns: He/Him
Age: 429 years old
Occupation: Exillium Coach (Left)
Ability: Talentless
Face Claim/Model: Jay-Jay Okocha
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Navy Blue
Height: 6 ft. 1 in.



Ifunanya Osakwe is Ekene's mother. She is a flasher and provided for Ekene and herself for twelve years.


The waywards at Exillium believe that Ekene is a good teacher, because he coaches them by trying to find each of their strengths and using them against their weaknesses.


The Exillium Coaches are the only elves that Ekene considers friends. He spends a lot of time with them.



Ekene is quiet, for he never had anyone to talk to in his childhood. He is Introverted but so close to an Ambivert that he considers himself one. Even though he is quiet, he can project his voice very well. He just doesn't talk as much as most elves do.


Lower Class

Ekene Osakwe was born into a low-class family. His mother, Ifunanya Osakwe, was a flasher and a merchant in Mysterium. She sold little trinkets that she’d spent so much time making to provide for Ekene. Ekene’s father had disappeared when Ekene was very young. His mother never wanted to dwell on the past, so Ekene didn’t know very much about him. Ekene was always a clever kid, even as a young child. He would steal Ifunanya’s tool so when she wasn’t looking or eat some freshly baked mallowmelt out of the oven before it was served. Mallowmelt was a rare treat.

Ekene’s little thieveries did end up shoving him into a complicated position, though. When he and his mother were in one of their most desperate phases, Ekene had found a leaping crystal on the side of the road. (He had just watched the rightful owner drop it, but being the little curious thief that he was, he took it) He was twelve, at the time, still homeschooled by the knowledgeable Ifunnya. Ekene had taken the leaping crystal as well as his home crystal and noticed the difference in color. His home crystal had no color whatsoever while this crystal was ever-so-slightly tinted blue. After holding it up to the light, a bluish tinted beam hit the ground and he stepped into the light.

Ekene had found himself in a strange place, literally. On the horizon on his right side were twisting towers and presumably elves. On his left were skyscrapers, exponentially shorter and stubbier. Ekene was left-handed and always trusted his left side more. Perhaps he should explore this new place. Then, logic held him back. He could get hurt there or possibly worse. He held up his home crystal and leaped home.

Weeks later, according to The Eternalia Times, that crystal was needed and was being searched for by multiple emissaries of the Council. Ekene had forgotten that the crystal existed until that article of the Times had come out. He panicked and hid it and frantically attempted to forget about it again because he had no idea what to do. A month later, he was found out and sent to Exillium.

His cleverness and logic ended him up in the Left Hemisphere, which he thought of as the Hemisphere for know-it-alls. He wished that he had gotten Ambi or Right... At Exillium, he never manifested. He excelled in the skills taught but had trouble with the energy-using ones.

Hundreds of years later, the Left Hemisphere coach resigned and he was offered the position. Ekene is now 429 years old, talentless, and teaching Exillium.


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Ekene Osakwe ➳ He/Him pronouns ♠ Left Hemisphere Coach
"Practice everyday and keep the nosy coach away"
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