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Echo Provasi Hated Child • Ashamed Charger
"Life fails to be perfect, but never fails to be beautiful"
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Echo Provasi

Owned and Roleplayed by Crystal

About Echo Provasi
Full Name: Echo Joy Provasi
Parents: Julia and Bruce Provasi
Siblings: none
Friends: none
Nicknames: Echo
Birthday: June 30
Age: 15
Gender: female
Personality: Echo can be very nice, until she gets and upset. When she is upset, she struggles to control her ability. She practices whenever she can, and is getting better control, but can still lose it. She can be very nice, happy, energetic, friendly, and caring. But can also be a bit rude.




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Echo's parents were not a very pleasant couple. They were both talentless, and weren't respected. No one was nice to them, and every hated them. Echo had the same problem while in school. Everyone didn't like her, or it least pretended not to. No one day with her, everyone through a fit when they had too study or partner up with her, and everyone pranked her. A lot of people said Echo would never manifest, and would stay a worthless talentless. But Echo never gave up trying. She manifested later as a Charger. Everyone was shocked. They hated the fact that they were wrong, and were even more mean to her.

Echo's life became even more hard as she struggled to control her ability. It would act up, calm down, be super wild, and stuff like that, depending on her emotions. Echo tried so hard and worked hard to control it. Nothing she did worked. Echo ended up being sent to Exilium because she kept burning things, electrifying things, hurting others, and things like that. Echo didn't care when she arrived. Everyone there was more open and she got a lot of friends. Echo learned to control her ability more, but has to stay calm so her ability doesn't react.

When Echo was 15, she got really upset at a kid named Travis, and her ability acted up. He ended up seriously hurt at the hospital, and Echo was given restrictions, constant watch, and several severe punishments. No one knows the specifics, but there is a rumor that Travis said many hurtful things. Including criticizing her and her family, accusing her of many different things, and several other things.


Echo has chestnut hair and silvery blue eyes.

Eye Color: Silvery Blue Eyes
Hair Color: Chestnut Hair
Height: 5'7
Model: Nicole Anderson

coding credits to Z

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