dream foster keefe-a sokeefe fan fiction chapter 5

by Iceblueiggy! and Luna

Chapter 5!  

Keefe happily strolled down a crowded mysterium street, the cape on his foxfire uniform stuck out among all the working-class elves milling about around him. Suddenly he became aware of a voice yelling his name coming from behind him. The voice sounded angry, he turned towards it expecting to find his dad. Instead he found a very angry pink pigtailed ogre standing behind a pure. 

“You left me at Slurps n Burps. As fun as it is there, you can't just run away from me, I'm your bodyguard for a reason.” 

“Sorry, did you get any good elixirs?” he said as an attempt to distract her. 

“Yes, just enough to punish you with,” Ro replied clearly not distracted, "The Waves of Wimpyness, now” Ro growled, pointing at his home crystal. 

“But I need to go to Havenfield” Keefe whined. 

“You already have your date planned?” Ro asked 

“No?” keefe was confused. 

“Then you probably shouldn’t go over there.” 

“No, I'm going to go talk to Edaline.” 

“Hate to burst your bubble bud, but you're not actually dating her, you don’t need any sort of long talk with her parents.” 

Keefe rolled his eyes, “I need to talk to her about conjuring something for me, for the date.” 

“Hate to burst the double bubble, but won't Sophie be there and kind of confused why her talking to her mom and also she’ll hear your whole not-going-to-work plan.” 

He decided to ignore the not going to work part but Ro did have a point. 

“What if you get that sparkly vacker girl to invite her over, aren't they best friends or something?” Ro for once helpfully suggested. 

“Yes! Thanks Ro” He gave her giant hug. 

“Off” she snarled, “don't think you’re off the hook for leaving me behind. 

Keefe sighed and pulled out his imparter to hail Biana. She was super excited for him and squealed when he asked for her help, then quickly agreed. 


Sophie was flopped on her bed, staring at the ceiling and absentmindedly playing with Iggy's ice blue fur, when her imparter dinged. She glanced at the message and then ran to the fourth story leapmaster. 

a/n sorry this is so short we will try to edit soon. please comment what you think. We are finally giving biana a part thats bigger than like two sentences, im very excited because she my favoritte character besides keefe and sophie.

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