Dream Foster-Keefe Chapter 4: Special Guest chapter: with our friend chunkbunny07 

By Iceblueiggy! And Luna with specail guest for this chapter: chunkybunny07

Keefe and Ro glittered into sight in front of Slurps and Burps. They pushed through the door with a belch and walked up to the counter. 

“Is Dex here?” Keefe asked, looking worried.  

Kesler flashed a slightly confused smile as he pointed to the stairs to Dex’s lab. The narrow squeaky stairs smelled faintly of muskog as Keefe made his way to the lab. Ro chouldn't follow because the stairs are too narrow. Dex sat at his seat tinkering with what looked to be an imparter decked out in gold and spikes.  

“Hey Dex,” Keefe said, awkwardly shuffling closer to him. Dex didn’t look up from his work, his back was turned to Keefe. “Dex?” Keefe asked uncertainly, “Hello?” Keefe really needed his help. He smiled. “Marella is here to ask you to be her hopeful!” Keefe grinned. Ever since their moods had shifted, while they were around each other, Keefe had begun to think they wanted to be hopefuls.  

Dex still didn’t look up. Keefe frowned. He thought that would get him for sure. Dex slammed the fancy imparter down on his table in frustration and sighed. He turned around. “Ahhhh! Why are you just standing there, are you trying to scare me, Keefe?” 

“Scare you?” Keefe laughed nervously, “I’m not. I need your help, I called to you three times!” Keefe knotted his fingers together 

“Oh, um,” Dex’s ears went redder than his hair. “I’m just working on something,” he said, shoving it into a toolbox. 

“What is it?” Keefe asked, reaching to grab it out of the toolbox. Why does Dex even have a toolbox, he thought, he doesn’t even use it for tools. Keefe’s eyes darted over to the growing mound of flashy silver tools.  

Dex slapped Keefe’s hand, shutting to toolbox. “It’s nothing,” he replied, getting all red and embarrassed again. 

“Obviously it’s not nothing, let me see!” teased Keefe. 

“Fine,” Dex said, as he pulled out the fancy imparter, “I’m making a way for our bodyguards to reach us at all times if we ever need help. I’m having a little trouble. Can you hand me the bollog?” 

“The what?” Said Keefe, waving his hand over the pile of tools,  

“That.” Dex pointed at a small pointed gray tool. 

Keefe snatched it up and handed it to him, then sat on the edge of the table. He set his imparter down to compare it with Dex’s new one. 

“Careful! Your butt’s going to destroy equipment faster than I can make it!”  

“So,” Keefe paused. He hated asking for help. But he needed it. “I need your help with something,” he said, scooching into an open space on the table. He took a deep breath, thinking about how to phrase the sentence. He wanted Dex to approve of him, as ridiculous and cheesy as that was.  

“I need your help hacking some human technology. For Sophie. For a-a-date.” 

“Oh,” Dex said quickly, seeing Keefe so nervous made him think, maybe Keefe is good for Sophie. “Ok I can help. I may know WonderBoy better now, but he still isn't good enough for my best friend. I don't always like how he treats her. I mean, I get a weird vibe from him.” 

“Thank you so much!” Keefe squeaked, surprising Dex with the tone of his voice. He cleared his throat. “I need you to find pictures of ‘Dizznee Land’ from some human techy thing." He said, putting air quotes around Disneyland 

“Ok that should be pretty easy,” Dex told him with a shrug. “You came to the right person to find something about Dizznee Land.” 

“Perfect. I’ll be ready in no time.” Keefe laughed as he walked out the door, “See you later Dizznee.” 

“Bye!” Dex shouted with an eye roll. 

As soon as Keefe was out the door of slurps and burps, he leaned up against a wall and let out a sigh of relief and smiled the biggest smile he’d ever smiled.  

Dex, who had run down the stairs to give Keefe his imparter, looked out the window. He really does care a lot. He thought, rushing outside and handing Keefe the imparter.  

“Here you go, you forgot this,” said Dex. Keeve jumped up and took the imparter.  

“Thanks, Dex,” He said. As Dex went back inside, Keefe basically skipped away with a huge grin on his face.  

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