Dream Foster-Keefe- Chapter 2 

By: Iceblueiggy and her friend Luna  

disclaimer: all characters belong to Shannon Messenger

“Keefe, this is beautiful,” Sophie breathed, “You would give up a family photo for me?” 

“They were never really my family,” Keefe said, “A family trusts, protects and supports you no matter what. The only person who’s ever been like that to me is you.” 

“Keefe, I...” Sophie stuttered, “I Love it.” Her cheeks blushed bright pink. 

“Foster, I was well wondering, um... if,” Keefe paused to push his hand through his trademark mussed blond hair, “... You, well if you wanna go to....go out with me. Like um... Sophie, will you be my... uh, hopeful?” He dug a small hole into the ground with the toe of his brown unlaced boot.  

Ro squealed, a sound Keefe hadn’t thought an ogre could make and practically screamed, “Finally!!! Ugh, I never have snacks at the right time!” 

“Uh, Keefe—I like Fitz,” Sophie whispered, blushing an even deeper shade of red. 

“Please Foster? You don’t have to be my hopeful for now, just give me a chance. Just give me one day. Please,” his eyes shone with hope and glimmered with a plea. 

“Ok. I’ll go, it could be fun. Where are we going?” Sophie said. Keefe could feel the reluctance, mixed with a bit of pity. 

“You mean right now?” Keefe glanced at the tree behind her. “Don’t come because you feel bad, come to give me a chance to win you over. I don’t really know where to go yet though, can I have until tomorrow at 4?” He said with a sheepish smile. 


Keefe smirked and held his pathfinder up to the light, “Prepare to be amazed” he said and stepped into the white light from the glittery home crystal necklace. 

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