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Dream Foster-Keefe- Chapter 1 

By: Iceblueiggy and her friend Luna (#iceblueisthebestcolorforiggy)(pretty subtle there, Ro) 

disclaimer: all charecters belong to Shannon Messenger.

Sophie sighed against the table. Her blonde hair spread across it and bags under her eyes were starting to look like bruises. Foxfire had been so dull since Keefe was gone. She wished he would wake up, she needed him, but Lady Gisela had made sure that there was no way to disrupt the process. His legacy, as she called it. 

“Are you okay?” Fitz asked 

Sophie lifted her head slightly, “I don’t want talk right now, can you go away?” she grumbled. Fitz’s teal eyes that had once made her heart flutter flashed with annoyance. As he stalked off, Marella plunked down next to her with her usual rumpled uniform and spiky shoulder length hair. Two intricate braids were woven through the front of her hair, she smiled. As soon as she glanced at Sophie’s expression confusion and worry spread across her pixie-like features. Unlike Fitz, she knew what was wrong and wisely kept her mouth shut. 

Biana appeared in a chair on the other side of Sophie. Sandor glared at her and looked around. 

“Where’s Woltzer?” He growled in his squeaky voice, sounding annoyed, but not surprised. Biana just grinned and winked at Sandor. Her face fell and her shiny brown hair cascaded over her rosy cheeks almost covering her wide teal eyes. 

She pulled Sophie into a hug, “I know how you feel, I wish he would wake up too,” she whispered. She smelled like vanilla and cinnamon; the homey smell made Sophie feel a little better. 

Sophie set her head back down on the table for all of lunch wishing she could go home to Keefe. She barely heard anything all afternoon, and as soon as her Universe session was over, she rushed to Foxfires Leapmaster. She skipped the whole line and leaped home. 


Keefe walked nervously up to Havenfield’s enormous crystal door. The box wrapped in colorful paper seemed to be made of lead. He lifted up the heavy gold knocker and was about to knock, when Silveny whinnied in her pasture. He was happy for the excuse to stall for a moment longer, so he walked over to the big dome shaped enclosure as he felt her excitement grow.  

“How’s it going Glitterbutt?” he asked as elation filled his brain, effect of being an empath.  

“Hey there Keefe.....what are you doing here?”, Sophie said surprised, “I didn’t realize we’d made plans today. What’s that in your hand?” 

Keefe jumped in surprise, whipped around and plowed into Sophie knocking her into Calla’s Panakes tree. Blossoms drifted down as Keefe held out his hand to help Sophie out. 

“Sorry!” Keefe said. 

“I think my clumsiness is rubbing off on you!” Sophie joked. 

If only she knew. Keefe was glad she wasn’t an empath who could feel how hard his heart was pounding.  

“Smooooooooth entrance there, Lord Hunkyhair!” Ro shouted from across the hill. 

Sophie dropped his hand and looked at him. She studied his eyes, making Keefe’s pulse zoom even more out of control. His eyes searched anywhere other than her as he brought the box from behind his back. He handed it to her as he felt her curiosity, almost as blinding as the golden flecks in her eyes glinting in the sunlight. The golden box was shining with a sparkly ice blue bow (Ro had called that very subtle).  

Sophie gently unwrapped the ribbon and opened the box. He felt her surprise as she stared at her own face, next to her was Keefe, they were both smiling. A flurry of emotions hit him like a wave as she stared at the frame, a frame that had once held a picture of his family.

A/N: yay! here is chapter 2!

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