Dream Foster-Keefe- Chapter 7 

By: Iceblueiggy! and Luna 

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Shannon Messenger 

Keefe held his blue pathfinder up into the light, “you ready?” He smiled down at Sophie. 

“Are we going to the forbidden cities?” Sophie looked bewildered. 

“Yes,” Keefe smirked. 


“It’s a surprise.” 

“You know I could just pull that information right out of your head.” 

“Yes, but you trust me right,” 

He watched as Sophie blushed, she looked so beautiful blushing like that, he just wanted to grab her face and kiss her, “Yeah, I trust you.” 

“Okay so are you ready to go?”  

“I guess.” 

“Okay, Concentrate.” He pulled her into the light. A sensation swept over them, almost like swimming through smooth blue mud as they raced to the forbidden cities. He wrapped his concentration around Sophie knowing her mind would be racing trying to come up with where they were going. 

They glittered into sight in an abandoned alleyway. Keefe reached into his Satchel and pulled out some human clothes, " We have to get changed so we can blend in. You face that way and I'll face this way; we won’t turn around until we’re both changed." He handed Sophie a pair of cut off jean shorts and a white tee shirt. Then he turned around and pulled on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt of his own. Once they were both done changing Keefe reached into his jean pocket and pulled out a phone. 

Sophie looked both beautiful and confused when she turned back to face him, “Where... did... you, um, get that?” 

“Oh, it's called an iPhone it's this amazing device that makes paintings as good as mine appear on the screen in less than a second. See.” Keefe clicked on the photo app and scrolled through a bunch of selfies. “I really like this one.” He clicked on his favorite picture, one of him in a mirror, posing with his head tilted slightly to the side with his trademark smirk, he glanced over to Sophie who was blushing again. “What?” 

He could feel that Sophie was feeling embarrassed. 

‘What if it's because she thinks I'm hot,’ he thought.  

He was about to open his mouth to tease her but then he realized, no its probably for some other reason. 

“Did you know that if you take a picture in the mirror you can take a picture of your whole body,  like I tried going into that mode where it takes the picture of your face but there's no way to make it so it takes a picture of my amazing body. 

Sophie laughed, “amazing?”, but he could feel her embarrassment again. 

He ignored her, “So I made an amazing invention where you take a picture of yourself in the mirror, it's called a mirror self-pic.” 

Sophie giggled, “what if you called it a mirror selfie?” 

“Yes, even better!” Keefe grinned, “okay now I have to use google maps, don’t look.”  

He walked about five feet away from her and typed the dates destination into google maps, then hit the directions button, just like Dex had taught him. It said 1.2 miles away. He didn’t want to walk that far on a date. He knew Sophie wouldn’t either. As he scanned the area, he saw a weird- looking, train-bus thing pulling up to a tall building across the street, he watched as a bunch of people got on. 

He grabbed Sophies arm, “C’mon,” He pulled her towards it, hoping they wouldn’t get hurt from it crashing or something. 


 As they walked down the street Sophie noticed how much has changed from when she left. Even the food was advanced! 

Before they left havenfield, they had the chance to get the muggle money. Keefe snorted when he saw say that "It's really dumb to put money as paper since they can EASILY destroyed." As he was saying this Sophie could have sworn see a glint in his eyes suspiciously close to mischief. 

The first building they saw on the way --to where ever Keefe was talking them-- was a store called "MAC-DO-NA-LADS" at that's how Keefe said it. 

Sophie was curious, as she hasn't been in any human stores - even before the whole "YoUr aN elF SoPhIE!" 

Before Keefe pull her away, Sophie yanked him back which had him tumbling into her. She fell on the ground and Keefe fell on top of her, with and arms length away.They didn't know how long they were in this intimate position but they snapped out of the trace when this old couple need to get around them. Sophie never knew she could get lost into someone's pretty eyes other than Fitz's. 

I mean..The more you know! 

As they got up and moved to the side to let the people pass, Sophie's face was probably a tomato now as she stared at the ground and Keefe didn't make a sound but she didn't look because....well she's Sophie, what did you expect. 

After what seemed like hours Keefe spoke up. 

"Um...so...did you want to go somewhere cuz I'm pretty sure you didn't want me to lay on top of you...ha..ha." Just as he cleared up some of the awkwardness he made some space for some more.  

But by now Sophie was used to this- as you should know- so she mustard up whatever courage she had and spoke up...Well whispered up. 

"Oh...yeah..I want to go to mac-do-na-lads"She spoke talking to the ground. 

"That sounds good....let's go!" He said with a cheery voice surprising Sophie. 

He didn't know why she was shocked but he didn't pay attention to that as he grabbed her hand softly, guiding her to the door of the weird place. 

His surprise could wait. Anything could wait...as long as he had Sophie by his side. 

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