Dream Foster-Keefe- Chapter 6 

By: Iceblueiggy! and Luna 

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Shannon Messenger 

For the second time that day Keefe knocked on Havenfield’s giant crystal door for the second time today. When no one answered he thought that he had somehow cut a hole in the space-time continuum. But when he knocked again Grady opened the door.  

“Well, if it isn't the Sencen boy,” Grady said with a heavy sigh. “Sophie isn’t here, she just went to the Vackers.” 

“Don't call me Sencen,” Keefe answered sharply, “I don't want to be associated with them.” If Keefe didn't know much better, he would've thought a hint of respect flashed through Grady’s gaze. “and I'm not here to see Sophie, I’m here to see Edaline.” 

Grady looked confused but pulled the door allp9 the way open. “Edalines feeding Verdi, she should be done in a few minutes, you can go sit there,” He pointed to a cozy looking grey armchair, by a bookshelf. Keefe plopped down on it and leaned back. Ro sat down opposite him and started painting her nails a bright purple color. 

A few minutes later Edaline came in surprisingly tidy and clean even though she had just been feeding a T-rex. Her buttery yellow gown was smooth, and her hair hung in perfect ringlets. “Oh, hello Keefe, Ro,” she leaned against a bookshelf, “I’m sure that sophie is here. You can head on upstairs.” 

“Thanks, but I’m actually here to see, you,” Keefe stood up. 

“Oh, um... Okay,” Edaline seemed confused, “do you want to go up to my office” 

“Sure,” Keefe followed Edaline up to the second floor, with Ro following close behind, hand on her sword. 

“So, want I wanted to talk to you about is something for Sophie.” Keefe settled into the wooden chair. 

Edaline sat behind a desk on the other side of the room, she leaned forward and put her head on her hand, “I’m not sure I can help you, she tells you more than she tells anyone else.” 

Keefe felt his face heat up, “Well, that’s not what I need help with, actually, umm...” Keefe wasn’t sure if Sophie had told Edaline that he had scored a date with her. How do you tell your crushes mom that you finally asked out your crush and she said no at first but then you begged and she said yes to one date, and you have to make it perfect and you need her help. “I need your help with making this date perfect for Sophie... I um, finally asked her out, and...” 

Keefe looked up at Edaline who was grinning the biggest he had ever seen her smile. “Yes” she jumped out her chair and pulled Keefe into a warm hug. A mom hug. It had been years since his own mom had hugged him like this. This felt nice. She pulled away and held him at arm's length, “I'm very proud of you Keefe, I know that you’ve liked her for I long time. Yes, I will help you.” 

Ro cleared her throat. 

“Oh, but Edaline, it's not really legal, we would have to go to the forbidden cities.” 

Edaline looked conflicted, she stepped a few steps farther back. She looked like she was having an entire conversation with herself in her head with points and subpoints, but then, after what seemed like an hour but probably was about a minute, she finally said, “Okay.” 


Once Keefe had shared the whole plan with Edaline, he started up to the leapmaster. 

“Yes, Team Date Foster is ready to go,” Keefe pumped his fist in the air as he said it. This had always been exciting, but it hadn't felt completely real until he’d gotten Edaline’s permission. Every step was falling into place perfectly. 

“You need a better name, Funkyhair,” Ro grumbled, shattering his train of thought. It didn't matter though; nothing could've stopped his good mood. 


Sophie glittered into sight. As the view started it become visible, she saw both younger Vacker siblings. Biana rushed toward her with a smile that was both nervous and relieved, looking less put together as always, with her rosy cheeks and a frizzy french-braid. Fitz stayed back, staring in another direction with a slightly annoyed expression and crossed arms. 

“Did you invite her?” He said to Biana with a glare that Sophie was probably not supposed to notice.  

“As a matter of fact, I did,” Biana replied, glaring back at her brother. She turned back to Sophie, “Come this way, it’s important.” Sophie followed her, unsure of what was happening. 

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