Dream Foster-Keefe- Chapter 3 

By: Iceblueiggy and her friend Luna 

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Shannon Messenger 

Sophie stumbled inside, ran upstairs to her room and flopped down on her bed. The world seemed to be spinning a thousand different ways as she tried to think through the daze. Keefe would’ve been the one to get her through this, she tried to imagine a calming blue breeze floating through her mind, chasing her worries and the swirling thoughts away. 

Iggy flitted down to her shoulder and nestled into her hair.  

Her gaze wandered to Keefe’s painting of all of their friends on the wall next to her window. Keefe had painted himself next to her, his ice blue eyes shining.  

Iggy let out a squeak in a way that should have been more reassuring, but Sophie couldn’t see past his crimped fur the same color as Keefe’s eyes in the painting, her eyes burned with the beginning of tears. She told herself that it was just because they must have dust in them, or maybe she was thinking of Calla, who sacrificed herself for all of the gnomes.  


Keefe plopped down on the plush light blue and gold comforter of his bed. He heaved a sigh of relief as he replayed the conversation in his head. It wasn’t perfect, but she hadn’t screamed, and she’d said it could be fun, so that was a bonus. He could’ve felt almost giddy if not for the fact that he had no ideas that didn’t involve Councilor Alina and a herd of muskogs (maybe a few gulons too if he could find some).  

“What about a sparkly glitter fight, where you guys throw glitter at each other?” Ro suggested, “Sophie would obviously win, and it always entertains me when you get beaten miserably by your crush. It happens a lot.” 

“Ro” Keefe whined, “I’m actually trying to come up with an idea.” 

“Or maybe something that involves giant mice, there’s an animal sorta like that right? A verminion? Or Vacker-Land!” 

“Great Grey Goblins of Glittering Golden Gildingham, Ro that’s genius, thank you.” 

“I can’t tell if that’s weird, stupid or pathetic that my suggestions helped you, but let’s get started. The thing I can tell is stupid, however is that catchphrase.” 

“Ok we should get started,” Keefe said, “But before we do that catchphrase is amazing! I’d like to see you try to think of a better one.” 

“Hmm, Sweet Sparkles of the “Superior” Species! Or... Egotistical Elves of Eternalia! Or... King Keefe of the Kindergarteners!” 

“Or maybe Ridiculous Rude umm... R-Annoying Ro of Ravagog. Also, what is a kindergartener?” 

“I heard your new girlfriend say it once, I’m pretty sure it’s a human insult.” 

“She’s not my girlfriend. Also, it’s Lord Hunkyhair to you!” 

“Well if you want her to be you need to stop acting like a kindergartener and start planning this thing.” 

“Let’s go.” 

“Go where?” Ro rolled her eyes and glared at Keefe, “I’ve seen enough sparkles for one day.” 

Keefe pulled out a leaping crystal, “You’ll see.” and pulled Ro into the light. 

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