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See Destruction/Caradoc's Diary for a prequel.


The Specter Brigade's sign


By: Bananazilla the Telepath


Thank you Bea for letting me use your idea!

I think this is a fun thing to do, so I'm having a contest. It may not be as interesting as Bea's Linked story, but it could still be fun to guess Caradoc's middle names! Yes, he has TWO! They could be anything! (If anyone saw the initials on Caradoc's profile, those were incorrect--I have the official middle names in mind now). I'm giving a hint, and people can guess twice, and only one of the middle names per guess. If someone has already guessed that middle name, I will tell you to re-guess and it will not count against you. The guessing will end on June 9th at 11 AM PST. Whoever wins can ask any question about the series outcome they want (there can be two winners since there are two middle names, and they can both ask different questions), and I will answer honestly. But, they cannot tell anyone what they hear. No working together to guess! This is an independent fun thing! Good luck!

Due to the fact that none have voted, there will be no third hint! Please guess when you can!

Your hint is... *drumroll*

  1. (barely helpful) His Past Will Reveal Everything
  2. (sort of helpful) AT LEAST one of his middle names is in the first half of the alphabet

Contest Guesses

The guesses (and who guessed) will be displayed here, for all to see what has already been guessed. (It will not be revealed if anyone is right or wrong until May 26th.

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Chronicle I - 15 Years Ago

IT WAS THE BEGINNING OF A NEW AGE. A scientific breakthrough had recently been discovered by the Neverseen's biology scientists, and it was a big deal. But they needed to act fast. They had been trying to create a more powerful replica of Project Moonlark, and they had recently just translated the cipher runes from Mr. Forkle's journal, which they had found in the ruins of the last town they had burned. Now the Neverseen knew the secret to mixing abilities to create something much more powerful, something no one could defeat--but they needed a test subject. So they were working fast on their first experimental subject.

"I want the experiment finished...tonight!" King Fury demanded.

"Impossible!" Head Doctor Rictor said. "If you could just give me a little more time, sire, so I can develop the--"

"We have waited too long," King Fury said. "The enemy wait outside our very castle gates, planning an attack. We need a way to fight back as soon as possible!"

"I hope you aren't under the impression that a child can protect us," Doctor Rictor said.

"I am directly under the impression that with the right training when they reach the proper age, we will have a mighty defender," King Fury said. "I am not concerned about now. But I will not always be around to defend this kingdom. We will need a mighty protector. This child is our only hope. Now get back to work!"

I could hear them talking. I know they thought I was unintelligent and undeveloped, but I am stronger than they think I am. Through my glass encasement, I can hear them arguing--it continues and continues without end. And then I hear the mad doctor press buttons and do his calculations. I feel a very sharp pain as my vision is stripped from me, and everything goes blank. All I can do is think, and then the pain eases, and a calm feeling rushes over me as the doors to my glass cage open.

This is the day that I was born. But that was a long, long time ago.

Chronicle II - 5 Years Ago

I COULDN'T BELIEVE THEY HAD HID IT FROM ME. The one thing I needed to know--the one thing they could have told me my whole life. But instead, they decided to shield the information from me until I was older and "stronger." But I was always ready to do what I was meant to do, but now I have no idea. All I know is that I can make my own future, and I do not want to spend it with the Neverseen, executing their stupid plans. And that is why I am running away, and I'm never coming back.

I felt the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I ran down the streets. This was Neverseen territory, and I did not belong here. I watched as the evening patrol guards walked along the borders of the city. They wouldn't let anyone past the giant stone wall that kept the rest of the world away from the city. The guards knew opening it to strangers would be treason, and treason would get them killed by King Fury.

There was no opening at all on the wall. It was tall, though, so I could not climb it. Knocking out the guards would cause too much of a commotion, and more guards would soon be there to capture me. I was stuck. I hid behind an alleyway, peering out to see if there was any way to get outside.

Someone touched my arm and I held back a scream. I turned and saw a boy who looked about my age with short black hair, dark blue eyes, and pale skin. He was quite handsome. "Who are you?" I whispered.

"Caradoc Kwelv," the boy said. "And I'm here to help you." When he saw my dismay, he said, "I'm like you, Loralie. A freak with powers beyond anyone's control."

"Prove it," I said.

"What?" Caradoc asked.

"Well," I said. "If you really are special, show me."

He smiled. "My pleasure."

Caradoc snapped, and red explosive beams shot forward, knocking the guards to the ground and sending the stone wall crashing down. Caradoc grabbed my wrist and pulled me forward, out from the alley. Guards filed in from town square, running at us, ready to kill us if they needed to. Caradoc stepped outside the boundaries, and I did the same. This was my past. Everything I had ever known. But what was ahead was my future.

Caradoc snapped, and the light bent upward in red streaks, carrying my life force up into the clouds. My body did not want to obey but it gave into the anti-gravity rather quickly, and then we were in the air, drifting through the clouds. Caradoc snapped again, and we shot forward quickly, and I was knocked out from the impact.

And then I landed. And I landed hard.

Chronicle III - 5 Years Ago


"The Forbidden Cities," Caradoc said. "Venice, Italy, to be exact."

"It's so...simple," I said.

Caradoc laughed. "I suppose it's not super modern. But the Grand Canal at night is beautiful."

"You live here?" I asked.

"They can't track me here," Caradoc said. "It's really quite nice. Good scenery, nice people. Really a good city."

"What about the Neverseen?" I asked. "We have to defeat them!"

"No," Caradoc said. "You rush back into that base, and King Fury WILL kill you, and it won't be fast. It will be torture. Please. I've seen this before--I lost the only person I ever loved from it."

I nodded, not really understanding. 'So, what do we do here?"

"Live. Thrive. Get stronger," Caradoc said. "Rule Number One, don't be afraid to use your abilities."

"What about humans?" I asked.

"They don't see anything, do they?" Caradoc asked. "Too weak-minded to handle it, I suppose. Anyway, you can't hesitate when the time comes."

"Where do you live?" I asked.

"Not exactly in somewhere cheap," he said with a smile. " you hear that?"

A low beeping sound. Slowly getting louder.

"Loralie, do you still have a tracker on you?" Caradoc asked.

"What?" I asked. "What's that?"

"Dang it!" Caradoc said. "You're going to get us both caught." Caradoc ripped her sleeve, taking out a golden tracker. Then he threw it up in the air and destroyed it with red lightning shocks. "Hopefully, it isn't too late."

But there was already light gathering around, a small earthquake commensing. In the middle of town square was a ten foot buff armored man carrying a giant axe, and his other hand had blazing flames on them.

This was the one person I had hoped to never, ever see again.

"King Fury."

Chronicle IV - 5 Years Ago

"Where are Caradoc Kwelv and Loralie Fury?" King Fury yelled.

"Right here, bozo," Caradoc said. "Come at us." He turned back and whispered in my ear, "Remember, don't be afraid to use your powers. Especially against him."

King Fury jumped up into the air, soaring at us. We were going to die.

A giant force field of red lightning surged up in front of us, and Caradoc thrust out his hands. the force field pressed against the King, knocking him back into a building, which was smashed and destroyed by the impact of his giant figure.

"You're going to want to come with me," a sweet voice said. We turned. A tall girl with pale skin, ice blue eyes, and long wavy hair. She had jeans and a white long-sleeve shirt on with a black leather jacket over it. Her teeth were pearly white and when she smiled it was like the world lit up with happiness. "Come on! I can get you to safety."

We reluctantly followed. She jumped down from the tops of buildings, doing flips and swinging around poles. She was so flexible and gymnastic, and quick, that it was hard to keep up. Eventually, we reached a small tent at the edge of the town. She told us to slip inside and we did. The tent was small on the outside, but as big as a house on the inside, with everything we could ever need. The girl waved her hands at the tent door and blue lightning surged all around the tent, creating a force field.

"There," she said. "It is invisible from the outside. No one will be able to harm us from in here."

"Who the heck do you think you are?" Caradoc asked. "How did you make a force field?"

"I'm Charlotte Kwelv," she smiled. "Caradoc, I'm your biological sister."

Chronicle V - 5 Years Ago

"MY--MY SISTER?" Caradoc asked. "I have a sister?"

She nodded. "You have to get those superpowers from something, right? Or someone."

"Wait, Charlotte--" Caradoc said. "What's that on your wrist?"

I had noticed it, too. A circle with an exclamation point in it. A sign...of something. "It reminds me of the Neverseen symbol a little." I said.

Charlotte pressed her thumb against it. "I suppose it does. But this is the mark of the Specter Brigade."

"What's that? Is it a group? Like the Black Swan?" Caradoc asked.

"It's exactly like the Black Swan because it's a replacement for the Black Swan," Charlotte said. "Didn't you hear? A few weeks ago, the Neverseen staged an ambush on the Black Swan. They killed hundreds--and destroyed all of the Black Swan bases. The remaining members founded the new order and are recruiting new warriors for their army. The Neverseen haven't discovered the Brigade yet, but when they do, we'll need a very powerful army."

"So why did you find us?" Caradoc asked. "I suppose it wasn't for a family reunion?"

"No," Charlotte agreed. "We want you to join our ranks. I will take you to the Brigade's base in the morning so you can be inducted. The world is changing. Soon war will be all the world knows. We have the make sure we win that war--and with you two, how could we lose?" Charlotte said with a smile. "So, will you do it? Will you join us?"

Chronicle VI - 5 Years Ago


The answer came from both of us, in unison. We hadn't planned it or even talked it over, but somehow we already agreed. We knew it was the right thing to do.

"Where do we start?" I asked.

"I will take you to the Brigade's base tomorrow," Charlotte said. "There you will meet their leader, and undergo the Initiation Ceremony. Don't worry--the Ceremony is super fun."

Fun? I hadn't had fun in years. But still, the thought of the Ceremony made me nervous, and I hardly knew what it was.

"Who is the leader? Mr. Forkle?" I asked.

"Mr. Forkle was murdered in the Neverseen's ambush on the Black Swan," Charlotte explained. "I'm talking about the new leader: Lord Torment." She watched Caradoc's face drop. "Yes, brother, Lord Oblivious Carelldecot. Brother of King Arius Carelldecot--more formally known as King Fury."



I walked over to the main part of the tent to see Charlotte sipping some hot chocolate. "Good morning, sleepyhead," Charlotte said with a smile. "I'm glad you slept well--you'll need the energy today."

"Why?" I asked.

"Not everyone survives far enough to be initiated into the Brigade."

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