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Destiny Richards The Positive One • Energetic Girl
"Anyone can make you happy by doing something special. But only someone special can make you happy without doing anything."
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Destiny Richards

Owned and Roleplayed by Crystal

About Destiny Richards
Full Name: Destiny Mya Richards
Parents: Denise and Tyler Richards
Siblings: Alec Richards
Friends: None yet
Nicknames: Destiny
Birthday: August 12
Age: 14
Gender: female
Personality: Destiny is a very energetic and positive girl. She talks very fast when in a good mood, and her curiosity always kills the cat. When she's stressed or overwhelmed, she tends to speak lower and seem depressed. She's very friendly, kind, and caring. And is always willing to make friends, since she doesn't have any. She's not very good at school or controlling her ability, but she tries her hardest. Destiny pretends not to care that people tease her and don't want to be her friend, but deep down it hurts. She tries not to show it, but sometimes she can't hide it.


Denise, Tyler, and Alec Richards

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her ability

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Destiny is a unique 14 year old girl. When her parents were convinced she wouldn't manifest because she was already almost 14, but she manifested. Destiny manifested as a Charger. Destiny thought she'd be something like a Technopath, cause that's what her aunt was, but she was wrong. Young Energetic Destiny struggled to control her ability. When she electrified her room, her parents paid for her ability mentor to come to their place and work with her after school, but Destiny just couldn't get it. Her brother Alec, who had manifested as a Flasher, like this uncle, tried to help in any way he could, but nothing worked.

Destiny struggled with school, her ability, no friends, and her parents fighting. Destiny tends to hang out at the mall or in a not-so-puplic place. When she electrified her room again, she almost gave up. But her amazing brother encouraged her along and to stay positive. With his help and encouraging words, Destiny kept practicing and stayed positive. Her mentor stopped coming after school when Destiny almost electrified her. Destiny struggled even more, but found it easier to get things done when her mentor isn't around.


Destiny has blond hair and neon blue eyes.

Eye Color: neon blue
Hair Color: blond hair
Height: 5'6
Model: Annabeth Chase

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