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By: SuldreenSong

Part One, The Brink of Destruction


Chapter One

"You said you would help them!" Livvy yelled furiously, "You said you would stand by their sides!" She stood in the front entryway of Councillor Emery's castle, shouting her head off at her superior.

"That was years ago!" He retorted. "I will not let a promise to someone, hinder me from letting ourselves be secure, secretive, and most importantly dominant."

"But do realize how much we lost--"She started.

"We did not lose anything." Emery interrupted, "If anything we gained from their war. The territory we collected from their war is bountiful, and easily outweighs all the negatives" His eyebrows were furrowed, as he clenched his hand so hard his knuckles were turning lighter. Unnoticeably, he swiped a tear away from his eye, with his hand, that now shaking rapidly,

"You know what I'm talking about." Livvy shouted. "Don't try to guise it with fake ignorance."

"Yes, I do." He began, his voice lowering to a whisper. "And I did what was necessary. I did everything I could to protect her. All my efforts were in vain, as she was already gone."

"I loved her as well, but it is just selfish to spark a war between her killers, when it was her own fault that she was dead. It was her own fault that she secretly continued the Human Assistance Program."

"If you cared about her, you wouldn't have said anything." Emery screamed, in a storm of anger. "If you loved her, you would have broken, just as I did." Instantaneously he lunged at her, his hands outstretched, channelling strength to his hand. His hands hit her hard, leaving her oozing blood.

"Why?" She choked out. "Why father?"

"I am not your father anymore."

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