Chapter one:

Fitz was hopless, the Neverseen had defeated them. The Neverseen was slowly taking over the elvin world. Keefe had died while trying to save them, but they were still defeated. Sophie was devastated when they planted his wanderling, and refused to come out of her room after that. Soon after that, she moved backed to the forbidden cities saying that everything in the elvin world reminded her of Keefe. When Sophie had broke the news to them, Fitz had refused to talk to her. Biana had urged him to speak to her but he did not listen to her, he kind of regretted that now.

Chapter two:

Fitz went to Sophie's room in Havenfield. He didn't know where to go, as long as he could get away from his house. Fitz found himself light leaping to Havenfield. Silveny was there grazing. KEEFE? SOPHIE? Silveny transmitted to Fitz. Keefe is gone, Sophie moved back to the forbidden cities. Fitz transmitted to Silveny, something Sophie taught him to do. Thinking of Sophie and Keefe made him wanted to cry. Silveny must have sensed his mood changed, SAD? she transmitted. Yes I'm a little sad. Fitz transmitted back. Talking to Silveny made him feel better. Unknowingly, Fitz stayed there the whole day talking to Silveny.

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