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Hi this is my first fan fiction. I would apreciate it if you gave me ideas for some chapters and I can make them come to life. Basically what I am doing is taking ideas that people have for Sophie and Keefe and what could happen between them at certain times. Only put your ideas in the comments if you want me to use them for a chapter. The more ideas I have the more chapters I can add to this. Please don't criticize my spelling or writing. I am really bad at this kind of thing but I thought it might be fun if I made this page. The first idea is mine. -Bookkid.

Chapter 1: Decisions.

Sophie was standing in wandering woods next to her tree. It was depressing to think that once everyone she loved and cared for had thought she was dead. They hadn't even had a body for proof that she and her best friend Dex were dead.

"Hey," Keefe said walking up behind Sophie surprising her out of her thoughts.

"Oh hi," Sophie said turning to face him. "I thought since I had nothing better to do today I would come here and look at my tree."

"I wanted to know since you don't have anything to do if you wanted to get something to eat with me?" Keefe said blushing beet red. "I thought um maybe it could possibly be considred a date?" Keefe was standing there awkwardly.

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