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Also, quick disclaimer: I know that the scenario Cadence is in is unrealistic, this is just for fun :)


Cadence Weltry is tired of being restrained in her little, tiny, “noble” cage, constantly restricted by her parents. She needs a change. So one day, she confronts her dad and then runs away to live in Atlantis, where she discovers a whole new meaning to the life she dreaded.

Chapter One

I take a huge breath in and let my mom pin up my dress. My ribs ache and my head hurts, but looking pretty is painful, right?

“You look stunning, Cadence!” My mother applauds my beauty and then proceeds to go do her own makeup, despite her already flawless features. We have a dinner with Councillor Oralie tonight, and so mother insists that me and father look impeccable.

I’m so done with living this uptight life. The nobility continues to request I look beautiful, as if women were simply the fragile beauties that hide behind the men’s backs. And me, I’m just a card they get to deal in their games.

As I twist my hair up into a regal updo, and “accentuate my collarbone” with the correct necklace, like my mom always says, I think about what the world would be like if I could wear pants every single day.

Yep, I’m in a situation as dire as that...

I sprint down the stairs while I crumple my huge dress in my hands to prevent myself from tripping and severely injuring myself.

“Cadence! What are you doing to your dress?” My mother’s horrified face makes me smirk inside.

“Oh mother dear, I was simply in a hurry!” I feign my remorse, hoping that none of my amusement towards the situation shines through, even though my retort is sadistic in itself.

“Well...don’t do it again, young lady.” Just like that, my mother goes from sweet and proud to disappointed and ashamed, despite the fact that literally NO ONE’s watching. When she uses her stern voice, she can become scarier than dad.

My dad casually saunters into the formal meeting room, and flashes his “charming smile” at us.

“Off we go, ladies.” He offers his arm to mother, completely ignoring me, and together they approach our Leapmaster 5000. I follow suit, getting ready to light leap.

“Before we leave...make sure to behave yourself, young lady.” My mother doesn’t take chances. Any time I do anything even remotely shameful, she punishes me as if I’d murdered another elf.

“Yes ma’am.” I try to refrain from rolling my eyes, but my blood almost curdles from how annoyed I am. I’m 15, I think to myself, and they still don’t trust me enough to contain myself. I can’t believe it!

I  walk into the Leapmaster, and off I go.

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