Hi! I'm don't write very often so feel free to correct any spelling or grammar mistake in the comment section. Enjoy the story!

Chapter one:

Sophie was jumping with excitement when she reached home. She immediately rushed to her room. Keefe had just asked her to go out with him and Sofie had said yes. Sophie was replaying the scene in her head, smiling when Keefe had asked her out awkwardly. Sophie nearly fell off the bed when Edaline tapped her on the shoulder, asking why she was smiling so widely. "I...keefe...umm...asked me out." Sophie blushed when she said it. Edaline took Sofie's hands and said" I'm so happy for you Sophie, let's get you ready for your big date."

Chapter two:

After much thinking, Sophie settled for a knee length ember dress with black leggings and boots. Vertina managed to convince Sophie to wear a gold eyeliner and lip gloss. When Keefe arrived, Sophie blushed the same colour as her dress. Keefe looked stunning in a blue top and jeans. "uh...Foster you look beautiful... ummm...are you ready?" Grady shot Keefe a glare and hugged Sophie. "Have fun!" Edaline called as Sophie left with Keefe.

Chapter three:

"Where are we going?" Sophie asked Keefe. "Errrr....well i booked a place at a restaurant,if you don't want to go there,i can change the plan, we can go get you something, or we just go to the restaurant or we can go to some other place, or...." Sophie burst into laughters. Keefe's face turned bright red. "You're very bad at this." Sophie said while laughing. "Yea...you're right...i'm bad at this....sorry....where do you want to go?" Before Sophie could answer, two pairs of hands covered their mouths and dragged them away. Sophie tried to struggle and run, but the people who held them hostage were too strong. Anger and panic gathered in Sophie's core, but before she could inflict, someone shoved a piece of cloth under her nose. Then, everything went black.

Chapter four:

Sophie woke up in a dark room. Her hands and legs were bound. Where am i? Sophie wondered. Suddenly, everything came back to her. She was kidnapped! Sophie suddenly remembered Keefe. Where was he? Sophie looked around to see Keefe lying beside her still unconscious. Sounds of footsteps came closer and closer. Then, the door opened.

Chapter five:

Sophie looked up. It was Lady Gisela who walked in. "What do you want?" Sophie shouted at her. Lady Gisela smiled a mocking smile at her. "Dear, dear, you are really oblivious to what's happening around you." Sophie glared at her. "We are going to use both of you as a bargaining chip against the council."

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