Daniel Garret's Office

Daniel's office is where he spends most of his times either working on projects the Council assigns him or welcoming guests who come to speak with him. He's always welcoming and friendly to whoever visits him, so don't hesitate and enter the office!

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You can either

  • Message Lexi or Midnight regarding roleplays in here.
  • Don't message them, and just roleplay here and hope one of them continues the RP.

If you chose the second option, and neither of them is replying in 5 days, message them on their walls.

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Daniel Garret • Framed Sibling ⤖ Innocent Psionipath
"Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong."
How are you? ♣ PST

Daniel sat in his chair, sorting the unneeded and needed papers. Boy, his desk was messy! It took him some minutes, but he eventually finished cleaning his office. There wasn't much to do, as he was on a temporary break from Council assignments. So he came here, in case someone visited.

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