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"Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong."







30 y.o.






Black(although he dyes it frequently) Hair

Silvery Blue Eyes


Daniel has black and silvery blue eyes. His model is ChanYeol from EXO.

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Daniel is a kind and respectable elf. He's more of an ambivert. He's a more laid back style but will say what he wants to say if he needs to. Dubbed as a "happy virus" by his friends, he's always there to fill your day with butterflies and flower if you're gloomy.

Nobility(formerly to the Middle and Lower Class)

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Daniel's life was never normal despite being in the middle class. No, he wasn't bombarded with crush cuff gifts or confession letters by girls. No, he wasn't respected and admired by other elves. No, he wasn't a prominent figure in the Lost Cities. But what made his life so..abnormal?

It all started ever since his little brother, Mark was born. He begged his parents for a tiny sibling ever since he saw a friend of him meet his newborn baby brother when he was 5. At first, his parents strongly said no. They looked as if they were horrified of the idea. But after a year of constantly begging his mom and dad to get him a tiny sibling, his wish came true. He was going to have a baby brother.

Daniel and his parents were overjoyed when they saw the newest member of their family. He was so tiny. So delicate. So fragile. Daniel swore to him that he'd never have a single tear run across his brother's cheeks as long as he lived.

The first few years of Mark's life was normal. He immediately talked the moment he came out of his mother's womb. He played with toys and hung out with friends. Everything seemed alright. And everything was alright. Until this happened.

Mark was playing with his friends on the local playground when he got a little reckless and fell out of the swings. He was launched out of the seat and plummeted to the ground, unconscious. Blood was streaking from his head to his clothes, and everyone freaked out at the sight of blood. He was seen by a doctor and had to heal for several weeks. After that, both Mark and his parents changed.

Mark became extremely cautious and extremely afraid of everything and anything after that. Daniel didn't really think it was something serious since even he'd be cautious if he had to go through that. But after a while, Mark started to develop phobias. Phobias of speaking out loud, phobias of water, phobias of shoes, heck, he even got scared of breathing itself. The more phobias he developed, the more concerned their parents got.

Their parents turned into an overprotective duo after the incident. They would never let Mark out of their sight unless he was going to Foxfire. They'd always buy self-defense gadgets and had Mark wear those in case he found himself in a tight situation.

When Mark manifested as a Technopath in near the end of Level 2, their parents became a bit more relieved. They had Mark take tons of self-defense academies after school and had him work on tons of self-defense gadgets. They were starting to get obsessed with self-defense, and that worried Daniel.

Mark, you see, was an extremely talented Technopath. You could give him a recycling bag and he could craft a powerful weapon from it. His SAFS mentor always gave him top marks on his scores, and his potential finally got to his head. When he was in Level 3, he did lots of stuff that endangered the safety of others, such as a tracker that spread irritation to whomever the tracker touched for weeks. Some pranks got super out of hand, and he received tons of detention for those. Mark Garret, who was afraid of everything and anything, suddenly became reckless of everything and anything.

When you're not scared of anything, you tend to do lots of unexpected things. Such as vandalizing the walls of the Council Hall with graffiti, hiding stink bombs in the Foxfire principal's desk. One prank he pulled was so severe he earned himself a ticket to Exillium. Here's what happened...

Mark soon got bored of those "light" pranks and moved on to much more severe ones. Apparently, he thought planting poisonous seeds on the Wanderling Forest that'd kill other trees that resided there was considered a "joke". When Daniel heard Mark scheming the idea, he had no choice but to follow his brother to stop him. But he arrived too late the seeds were already planted. The Councillors heard of this monstrosity and immediately ordered a Tribunal. But for some reason, Daniel was involved in it as well.

The elves who reported Mark to the Council saw Daniel there and assumed he took part in it. When he stated that he was innocent, no one believed him and the Councillors banished them to Exillium.

Daniel was furious. Furious at his brother for getting him into the trouble he was in now. Furious at the Councillors and the public for refusing to believe him. But he couldn't stay mad at his brother forever. He was still his brother, after all. And he couldn't totally despise the public for not believing him. He was there, and there was no exact evidence to prove him innocent. He was just the wrong time, wrong place, and the wrong moment.

Daniel and Mark identified each other by their ability pins. Mark wrote a tiny, but noticeable "M" on the bottom right corner of his pin, and Daniel did the same except putting a "D" instead. It wasn't something people would actually notice, but sickeningly obvious to people who knew it. They communicated by passing papers with words contained when the teachers weren't looking. It was hard, but they eventually adapted to the hardships. And years passed just like that.

Mark didn't seem to show any signs to scheming any more pranks, and Daniel assumed he learned his lesson. But about 2 years have passed when Mark was suddenly absent without a trace. The only thing he left was a note that said he was going to Atlantis, and Daniel immediately ditched Exillium to chase his mischievous brother. And when he arrived, nearly 1/4 of Atlantis was flooding.

Mark had spent 2 years crafting an extremely dangerous magnet that absorbed the force field Psionipaths made. With that gadget, he used it to absorb the force field that kept Atlantis safe from the water. Without it...Atlantis was at great risk of flooding.

Daniel was horrified. His brother was hopeless. Even Exillium's horrible environment couldn't teach Mark the consequences that followed his actions. Before the force fields were damaged beyond repair, Daniel used his ability as a Psionipath to repair holes in the force fields. He couldn't repair the whole thing himself, so he tried to keep as much water off the city until others arrived. Luckily backups arrived and Daniel fainted from too much pressure and energy. After that incident, he was immediately removed from Exillium and was viewed as a hero(similar to how Linh saved Atlantis). He earned a spot in the Nobility as an Emissary. Mark was banished to Exile as he was deemed "Permanently deemed unfit for society". Daniel was sad but had to accept the fact that banishing Mark was the best option possible at this point.

Now he's 30 years old, serving the Lost Cities as a Psionipath.

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Daniel Garret • Framed Sibling ⤖ Innocent Psionipath
"Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don't belong."
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