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"Always remember that you are unique. Just like everyone else."













Shifting Shades of Brown Hair

Light Blue Eyes


Damon's beauty is more in his charm and how he presents himself. He's got ethereal light blue eyes that seemingly shift shades when under the sun, and hair that, depending on the light, can seem either soft brown or entirely black. With an easy smile always on his face, he really is a beautiful elf. Damon's FC is Jeon Jungkook.




Damon is an easy-going guy who knows how to keep a conversation going. While he isn't arrogant, he has an aura of charm that makes others instantly fall in love with him. However, he can be a bit insecure about himself at times, a result of all the bullying and rejection in his childhood. Yet at the thought of being the sunshine to someone else's day is enough to make those dark thoughts go away. He aspires to be someone others can look up to and is generally a really cool and funny guy to be around.

Lower Class

Damon originally came from a Bad Match, his mother a powerful Guster and his father a mere Talentless. However, by some given miracle, these circumstances didn't affect him in the least. Growing up, Damon noticed the vital shift in his parents' attitudes; from happy and loving to cold and distant. He, despite his young age, was smart enough to understand that the change was most likely because of him. After all, who wouldn't be ashamed of a child who was no good in anything?

Damon wasn't perfect: something that needs to be put out first. Unlike his other elf counterparts, Damon often struggled with many things. It was a surprising shock to the Lost Cities when they realized that Damon had absolutely nothing he was good at and, to say the least, it hurt him a lot.

His inability to understand school-related topics as fast as other elves was something many noticed and there it often led to bullying and hurtful teasing. Damon, during many occasions, found himself wishing that he could just hide under his bedsheet and disappear for the rest of his life. After all, no one really did care for him, did they? He was an outcast in a world of shining stars, a dim planet in a universe of bright constellations.

But no matter how hard he tried, Damon couldn't find it in himself to be rude and unforgiving to others. He just didn't have it in him to be a bitter person. Something that often ran in his mind is, what are they going through? Could it have been worse than my history? Is it affecting them so much that they're acting like this? This was around the time Damon grew to be a person of kindness. He became easygoing and laid-back, despite much of the trauma he went through in life. He became someone others' began to admire and respect.

It was around this time where he discovered his love for singing. Damon had been chilling out in a forest, needing some time to himself when he heard the soft songs of nearby birds. He was absolutely entranced. Then he found himself singing along to the birds.

A fellow from a small music company overheard the young Flasher's voice and was struck speechless. He had never heard such raw talent and pure passion in a voice before. He needed to hire the twenty-year-old. And by some miracle, Damon agreed almost instantly once the offer was brought up. He was finally good at something - he finally had a talent others could be proud of.

Since the company wasn't very big, he wasn't as popular or famous as other singers in the growing music industry, but Damon couldn't care less. There were still people out there who appreciated his music and that was more than enough for him.


Parents - Damon isn't too close to his parents and has no intentions of doing so.

Siblings - none.

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