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Archived Character.png This is an archived roleplay character, meaning that this character has not been used for roleplay in a while, or it was a user request. It is not to be used in roleplay anymore unless specified otherwise.

Dakota Skye Girl with hidden emotions • Lonely One
"Life always offers you a second chance. It's called tomorrow."
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Dakota Skye

Owned and Roleplayed by Crystal

About Dakota Skye
Full Name: Dakota Tily Skye
Parents: Arlia and Griff Skye
Siblings: none
Friends: none
Nicknames: Dakota
Birthday: November 16th
Age: 13
Gender: female
Personality: Dakota is a very interesting person. In the outside, when she first meets someone, she can be extremely rude and stubborn. But as they get to know her, they can see her true personality. The one she always hides.


Arlia and Griff Skye



none yet


all Dakota's life, she wanted to fit in. To be apart of things. But she was always left out. In her first Foxfire year, no one wanted to be with the newbie. The girl who had parents who fought. They thought it would make Dakota get mad at them if they were friends or if something happened. So Dakota had to go through the year with no friends.

things were even worse at home. Her parents always fought. Sometimes they'd fight over the proper way to raise her, sometimes they fought over stuff that wasn't even important. It hurt Dakota to see her only family fighting, and growing apart. It made her dad and depressed. And the issues at school never helped. They only made it worse. But it got even more worse, the day her parents decided to get a divorce. The day they decided Dakota had to choose between them. Dakota was heartbroken. She loved them both so much, she didn't want to leave them. Dakota stalled for time as much as she could, so maybe they'd change their mind, and she wouldn't have to decide. But time's running out, and if she doesn't choose, she'll lose both. Things got worse at school after her parents decided to get a divorce. People started to pretend she didn't exist, and that being near her would cause their parents to split up. So Dakota was stuck on her own, with no friends, and no one to help her through this. Dakota goes through so much in a day, that she would do anything to fall asleep and never wake up.

Dakota is a Hydrokinetic.


brown hair and midnight blue eyes

Eye Color: midnight blue
Hair Color: brown
Height: 5'2
Model: Annie Leblanc

coding credits to Z