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[[Coralcastle Beach/3|Archive 3]]
[[Coralcastle Beach/3|Archive 3]]
[[Coralcastle Beach/4|Archive 4]]
== Roleplay ==
== Roleplay ==
===Autumn and Geoffrey===
{{AutumnWB|text = Autumn was standing near the water in her too-small bathing suite wondering if she should go in or not.}}
{{GeoffreyWB| text = Geoff stood next to the water, letting his feet get wet. He hasn't been planning to go in, but the temptation was hard to resist. So he might have to get his shorts and shirt wet.}}
{{AutumnWB|text = Autumn finally made up her mind and dove in, swimming like a proffesional. She smiled. Going into the water was a good idea.}}
{{GeoffreyWB| text = Geoff walked further in so it was higher up on his legs. He then walked along the water, looking at the crashing waves further out.}}
{{AutumnWB|text = She swam over to the guy who entered the water still wearing his clothes. She asked him why he got into the water like that.}}
{{GeoffreyWB| text = He turned toward the voice. "Well, first of all, I doesn't bring my suit. Second of all, it's not like my clothes are getting wt, it's only my legs." He explained.}}
{{AutumnWB|text = She swam closer to him. "Why didn't you bring your suit if you were coming to the beach?" She asked.}}
{{GeoffreyWB| text = "Cause I couldn't find it. My friend hid it and I didn't feel like looking for it. " He mumbled.}}
===Freya and Mathew===
{{FreyaDawsonWB|text = Freya sat in the middle of the beach with her hands picking up sand and dropping it. It was a rare time, she had her guard down.}}
{{MatthewWB|text = Matthew was walikng up and down the beach, whistling, when he tripped over a teenage girl sitting on the sand.}}
{{FreyaDawsonWB|text = The boy caught her by suprise, luckily she had enough time to point her now transformed bobby pins at his throught "Who do you think you are" she said with a glare}}
{{MatthewWB|text = He backed away, hands in the air. "Sheesh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there. No need to get all warrior-princess on me."}}
{{FreyaDawsonWB|text = She rolled her eyes "Awnser my question or face the consequences"}}
{{MatthewWB|text = "Fine," he said, staring at her eyes. "I'm Matthew Lanes. Now lower the bobby pin." he instructed.}}
{{FreyaDawsonWB|text = She lowered her sword slowly "Fine."}}
{{MatthewWB|text = Smirking, he approached the girl. "Good. Now will you tell me your name?"}}
{{FreyaDawsonWB|text = She eyed him carefully "Freya"}}
{{MatthewWB|text = "Hmm," he said thoughtfully. "I think I had an aunt name Freya once..."}}
{{FreyaDawsonWB|text = She frowned "I killed a boy named Matthew once" she said}}
{{MatthewWB|text = His eyebrows shot up. "Killed?"}}
{{FreyaDawsonWB|text = "Or Matt" she said, nodding "Or both"}}
{{MatthewWB|text = "Okay," he said, backing away slowly. "So you killed people. That's completely normal!" His sarcasm was noticable as he continued to back away. Then he tripped over a rock, landing hard on the sand.}}
{{FreyaDawsonWB|text = She laughed "Dont worry" she said "I only kill people who annoy me"}}
{{MatthewWB|text = Panic flashed through his features. "Do I annoy you?"}}
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Coralcastle Beach

A nice scenic beach with a sandy shore that waves constantly brush up against. Nice day and night, and a great temperature and setting for romance.

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