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Roleplay Edit

Ardelle and Caradoc Edit

ARDELLE SONG: Ardelle was running a little late. Abben held her be back when he was spilling his guts out, (he had a lot to say). She looked around the beach trying to find Caradoc. ARDELLE SONG: She turned around and faced Caradoc, “Hi Caradoc. Sorry for being late, Abben held me up, he is an idiot, an intelligent idiot.”

ARDELLE SONG:Ardelle heard his comment, it made her heart flutter, ”Well, I’ve been dealing with Calla’s rants on how annoying my brother is and Kenric is. Not much, you?”

ARDELLE SONG:Ardelle smiled, “I thought you would, that’s why I picked it.”

ARDELLE SONG:Ardelle blushed, “I’m glad you’re going with me too.” ARDELLE SONG:Ardelle rested her head in his shoulder, “So was there any specific reason you wanted to meet me? Not that I mind, I’m just curious.”

ARDELLE SONG:Ardelle’s heart was pounding at a speed that surly couldn’t be healthy. The kiss was a pure blessing. When they broke apart, her cheeks were flushed. “I wouldn’t mind if you did that infront of the others you know, I wouldn’t mind if you did that again at all, infront of them or not.”

ARDELLE SONG:”Your the first for me too. That’s actually kind of ironic that you and I both have never kissed anyone before.”

ARDELLE SONG:”At least you did...” For a few moments, they sat in silence, lost in their thoughts. She cleared her throat, “So what do you want to do?”

ARDELLE SONG:”Lets talk about... Well actually, what do you want to be when you are older?”

ARDELLE SONG:”I honestly think you would be good at anything if you set your mind to it.”

She realized what she said and blushed.

ARDELLE SONG:Ardelle watched the bird fly away. “Your powers are incredible.”

Ardelle formed two swans in the water with love necks. They let go and dissolved back into the water.

ARDELLE SONG:”It’s beautiful don’t you think? Watching all those colours blend make you wonder...”

Her thoughts trailed off.

ARDELLE SONG:Ardelle smiles, “I did, though I had to heanit from a Sophie Foster rather then the celebrity himself.”

ARDELLE SONG:Ardelle’s heart sank a little at that, “That must be devastating for him. Do you know why it was canceled? My parents have connections, maybe they can help?”

ARDELLE SONG:”And he’s still preforming with all that? Does he need like a back up singer or anything? I know someone who may be able to help with that.”

ARDELLE SONG:”Calla’s amazing with her voice. I’m sure she’s talked to Austin about it at some point.” ARDELLE SONG: ”I’m sure he does.” She held on to Caradoc’s hand a little tighter.

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