Users are allowed to create different clubs or alliances in the wiki. Below is a list of the different "clubs" we have on the wiki. Anyone can make one, but make sure to follow the wiki policies when in one. If you wish to join a club, please contact one of the listed leaders of that club. There are pages for the clubs specifying the specifics of the clubs. Only leaders or captains of that club (or anyone given permission formally from a leader/captain) can edit the descriptions.

Current Clubs

Keepers of the Fandom

Leaders: Rizi213 and Luna di Angelo

Member Status: Open

Cover Girls

Leaders: Rararobin14 and TheBookQueen16

Member Status: Open

Literature Beyond the Pages

Leaders: Book Beliefs

Member Status: Open

Jobs: Open

Template Tasers

Leaders: Bananazilla the Telepath

Member Status: Open

Debate Battalion

Leader(s): ThoseWhoWanderAreNotLost

Member Status: Open

The Button Clan

Leader(s): Z-FunWithBooks and SuldreenSong

Member Status: Open

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