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I am Leto, 14 year old and probably most quiet child who ever lived. I am pretty sure I have barely spoken a word since I manifested last year, and if you haven't caught on, I am a vocifuler, a weird ability combo of Vociferators and Beguilers. My father has this ability too, he has his controlled though. Now you are probably wondering who my parents are, so I guess I finally have to introduce my family. My mother is Sophie foster and my dad is Keefe Foster, yes the Sophie and Keefe Foster. I have a twin (more on that later) named Kenric, A older sister named Jolie, and a younger sister named Emmaline. Now back on that twin stuff, my parents are supposedly a 'Bad match', but that's a bunch of junk, just because my mother doesn't know who her parents are does not mean it's a bad match! Originally my parents thought they wouldn't get too shamed because they only had Jolie then, but then mother had me a Kenric, that obviously caused commotion, everyday we would hear something like: " The moonlark is a bad match she has three children, and two of them are twins!" Or: " how could they be so irresponsible! They are such a bad match, everyone knew from the start!" these types os thing didn't bother me much, until my younger sister came along. I would get so mad when people made fun of, or said anything that made her upset. I was a very overprotective brother to her, unlike Kenric. well I was, until I manifested. Ever since I manifested, I haven't really talked much, it's kinda a phase all vocifulers go through, though my parents have gotten worried since I have barely talked for a year, my father only took two months before he started talking again.Well.... since you kinda just got my life story, I might as well now tell you the present.

Today is my first day as a level 4 at foxfire, I am kind nervous. I guess Kenric noticed my nervous face and he bumped my elbow. I rolled my eyes at him. "Come on Leto! I know you can talk!" Kenric smirked. I sighed, he always tried to get me to talk, but honestly I was sued to not talking even if it was to say ouch. "Leto! Leto! Leto!" He cheered. I slapped my forehead in frustration. I tried counting to ten and taking deep breaths, but it really wasn't helping. That was it, I had no choice. "Stop!" I shouted, then quickly covered my mouth. "HE TALKED! Jolie! Emmaline! HE TALKED! I GOT HIM TO TALK!" Kenric shouted, then did an annoying little dance. Jolie and Emmaline ran into the room. "what's all the commotion?" Jolie asked. "I was in the middle of doing my makeup!" Jolie said. I looked at the floor, hoping they all wouldn't try to get me to talk. "Guess what?! I got Leto to talk!" Kenric smirked at me. "really??" Emmaline asked. "Cool! Lets get him to say something else!" Jolie said, my face went red. luckily my parents walked into the room with perfect timing. "What's going on? I thought you guys were supposed to be getting ready to leap to school in 5 minuets!" Mother said as I sigh with relief. "I got Leto to talk!" Kenric smiled. "Way to go, Kenric!" father cheered. "Keefe! The kids are supposed to be getting to school, not trying to get Leto to talk, remember when you first manifested, Leto just needs time." Mother told father. I smiled, at least someone understood me, surprisingly it wasn't the one with the same ability as me. "We've given him one whole year." Kenric mumbled. " school!" father said. We grabbed our crystals and leapt to school

I walked down the halls by myself, heading to my locker. I licked the DNA thingy on my locker and it swung open. Ugh I think Elwin chose the flavor today... I hear footsteps and turn around. "Hey mute boy!" a kid laughs. I take a second to realize it's Avery Heks and her gang. I sigh, I have so many good comebacks that I wish I could tell her. "You gonna say something? Oh right! You can't talk! Or do you just pretend you can't talk because your parents are a bad match?" She laughed. "oooh!" Some of her friends said, trying to make Avery's 'insult' sound cool, but honestly it was pretty bad. "I can talk. I just don't feel like numbing people right now." I mumbled. "Is that what your ability does? Ha! I bet not! I bet your just saying that to cover up that your talentless." She smiled. "prove it." She said. She went up close in my face, I closed my eyes, trying to ignore her. "Do it!" She yelled. People in the halls started looking. "I guess he doesn't have any abilities! Lets go see if we can make the little Foster girl cry!" Avery smirked. I froze, clenched my fists, then couldn't stop myself from what I was about to do. "She's not little." I say, Avery turns around. "what?" She asked. "I said, 'she is not little'!" I say it a bit louder. "Oh I am sorry, she is your hight, but that's still small, I wonder if you guys could sleep in a crib together!" She laughed. I clench my fists tighter. "Numb." I say, and with that one simple command, she and her friends go numb. "Mr. Foster." I look behind me. And of course, Magnate Leto is there. I get teary eyed. "This is not a good start to the year." He sighed. "I know.." I mumble. "To my office." he says.


I stood outside Magnate Leto‘s office, as soon as I heard that Leto got into trouble, I rushed to the office. I heard the door creak and turned around. Leto walked out, looking down. “What did he say?” I asked. Leto shook his head, he obviously didn’t want to tell me. “Was it Avery again? I asked. He nodded.

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