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Celaena Neriwraek ย ๐ŸŒ  The Half-Human ย ๐ŸŒ  Student
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Celaena Neriwraek
Owned and RPed by EVERHIGHLOVE

Basic Info

Full Name Celaena Pearle Neriwraek
Age 15
Ability None Yet
Birthday 09/10/3004
Mother Unknown
Father Charon
Siblings None


Celaena had an ok childhood. Her dad went to exillium because he was talentless. Celaena doesn't see her dad a lot, but she used to until she started Foxfire and her dad worked more than he used to. She doesn't have high hopes about getting an ability. Celaena has a decent amount of friends.

There is a strange rumor about Celaena's family. A lot of people assume that Celaena's mom is human. Celaena often asks her dad about the rumor but he won't ever talk about her mom. It dives her insane, but she is 90% sure she isn't a human. Sometimes she gets bullied at Foxfire because of this rumor.


Ms. Neriwraek is very curious, which doesn't help her dad at keeping her mom's identity from her. She is a very good student at Foxfire. Celaena is super nervous about getting an ability, because of her fathers a talentless.


Indigo eyes. Hair is black but in a lot of light its dark purple.

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