This is my first time writing a poem, so here goes:

This story is from the point of view of Marella, during the time period when Biana and all her friends left her for Sophie.

The murky blackness in my head swims, even the small fragments of happiness disappear, gone.


It hurts to see them, my old friends, talking behind my back.

Never knowing when they'll be front again.

They know I'm imperfect, fire burning my edges until I'm so round I roll on the floor like a glass marble.

That I melt too.

Dragging everyone underneath, ruining my reputation and my feelings, as I'm stuck with the thing I never wanted to be with in the first place;


I lay here in pieces, hoping that someone can rescue me from my shattered life, knowing that whatever I do, it's wrong. And there're always consequences I'm not ready to face.

I haven't only ruined my life.

But their's as well.

No hope, nothing left to give me some sort of push.

No light, nothing to guide me through the echo-filled tunnel.

No sound, nothing to take me through the void that I now call my home.

Now, all I can do is break.




My heart breaks again. And again.

Until there's nothing left to break.

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