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Bliss Earthlynn »» The nice one »» Exillium student

♦ Be nice!!!!!!!! ♦
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Owned and Roleplayed by Eve

About Bliss
Full Name: Bliss Delphine Earthlynn
Parents: Kalei and Grant Earthlynn
Siblings: Taurus, Colin, Midori, and her twin Verna Earthlynn.
Friends: Everyone she knows.
Nicknames: Bil
Birthday: 10/31/3004
Age: 13
Gender: Feamale
Personality: Bilss is the nicest thing on the planet, but also the most anyoing. She will do anything to help...anyone. She cryes for mothnes after ANYONE dies.


Kalei and Grant Taurus, Colin, Midori, and her twin Verna Earthlynn

Everyone she knows.

No one.



Bliss is always positive and happy. She wouldn't let anything bad happen to her four siblings, Taurus, Colin, Midori, and her twin Verna. One day Midori used her powers as a mesmer to hurt someone. Midori got expelled at Foxfire, and Bunny was scared so she left Foxfire for Exlium so she could join her to make sure she was safe


Teal eyes and light brown hair.

Eye Color: Teal
Hair Color: Light Brown
Height: Short

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