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Ruewen Family 2

Sydney Foster

Chapter 1

Sydney, or Syd Foster was the twin of Sophie Foster. Or that was what she found out. She thought she was the younger sister of Maria Foster and Colin Foster, but then in one day, her whole life was changed.

"Ms. Foster, what did I say about listening to the iPod during class? This was the third time I've had to tell you today, and what, the two thousand eight hundred sixteenth time this year? I'm going to have to let your parents know." Mrs. Reina's voice boomed. Sydney wanted to crawl under her desk. There was only one fifteen year old graduate school student, and that was her.

She would have been fine with that if she was normal. She felt Mrs. Reina's frustrated emotions from the other side of the room. She felt all of her classmates emotions, and that was when she was across from her classmates on the basketball court. But if she tried to explain, no one would understand.

"What did I just say to the class?" Mrs. Reina's voice boomed again.

Syd repeated what she said. She had heard her through the music.

Her classmates grumbled. She could tell that they were not happy about this "know - it - all". And she wasn't surprised.

During recess, she bumped into a boy. "Sorry." She tried to pass him. But the boy wouldn't let her.

"Hey. What is your name?"

"Um... Sydney. Sydney Foster. Syd for short," she said looking down. She hadn't seen the boy's face, and she didn't want to. It was probably going to end up with apples being thrown at her face, like she was playing a game of dodgeball. She was used to it anyway.

"Yes!!! I found her!!! Foster! Fitz!"

Foster? That was her last name! And who's Fitz?

She couldn't resist looking up.

Then her questions disappeared when she met her. A girl her about age. Same blond hair. Same dark clothing style. Syd tugged at an eyelash. Then the girl said "Hi." and tugged at one too. She is nervous. Oh my... the same exact habits!!!

Syd froze.

Then the girl said, "I'm Sophie. Sophie Foster. Your twin."

Chapter 2

Sydney was shocked. "But... I don't have a twin!"

"Yes you do. Mr. Forkle told me."

Syd was confused. "Mr. Forkle?"

"He is the elf who created us."

"ELF???" The word refused to make sense.

"Yes," the boy named Fitz said.

"But... how???"

Sophie explained. "Both of us were part of a elvin project called "Project Moonlark".

Syd asked, "Is this a joke?"

The blonde haired boy named Keefe answered. "No. You are an elf, and you belong with us, in the Lost Cities. We need to take you there. Tomorrow."

Syd started to cry. "But what about Maria? Colin? Mama? Papa?"

Sophie comforted her. "I know. I've been through the same thing."

Syd looked up at her twin. "You did?"

Sophie answered. "Yes. We are trying to help you, and the only way we can do that is if you will move to your own world."

Chapter 3 { Later... ( When Syd gets settled ) }

Syd walked into her room, exhausted after Foxfire. She heard steps walking to the room she shared with Sophie. She opened the door, expecting to find Sophie. Then she felt a blast..

Syd woke up and regretted opening her eyes. A bright light blinded her. Then she whizzed away, somewhere...

Chapter 4 { Later... ( When Syd grows without knowing she isn't growing ) }


Nari Kanani

Syd rushed downstairs to the home of Nari Kanani, a the daughter of a noble. She was going to head off to Foxfire when she heard shouting. Nari looked through her window and groaned. Syd asked, "Who is it?"

Nari replied, "Benjamin Winter. He is the jerk that comes to our house, remember? Because his parents are always giving my parents treats. He is also the most popular kid in Foxfire, or my sister says so."

Ayame, Nari's older sister, shouted from the stairs. "He is. Honestly, we think he comes to see you. He only started coming after we told his parents about you. And his parents said that he offers to go." Ayame gave Syd a wink.

Syd looked through the window. Benjamin always looked familiar for some reason. And he was with someone else this time. "Who is the other guy?" Syd asked.

Nari looked. "Aiden Morris. Second popular. He is actually nice. Funny, huh?"

Ayame turned to the gates. Nari tried to hold her back, like always. "Ayame?! Don't open the gates!" And as usual, Ayame used her mesmer abilities to keep Nari away. "Do not only look as far as your eyes would let you see. You do not know what kindness may await you."

Chapter 4

Syd stiffened and rushed upstairs to her room, with Nari following her. They locked the door with a soft click.

Syd plucked at the carpet. "Is it true? Is that why Benjamin offers to come?" Nari nodded. "He's been coming all the time since you joined us. I can also tell that he is very much waiting for tomorrow. Remember?"

"Foxfire?" Syd asked.

"Yes. This way he can see you more often. Beware."

Syd nodded in response. She was ashamed that she was starting to hate Benjamin already, even when she didn't even know him very well.

Chapter 5

Foxfire was huge. The way it looked was way off from how it was described by Nari. Syd thought it was smaller, way smaller. She didn't know how she could find her way through all this.

"Glad to see you here, I thought you might have quit at the last second! School is starting soon!" The voice startled Syd. She turned and saw a familiar boy wearing the Level Four uniform. "Ben?" she asked?

The boy nodded. Then he said, "I've always wondered what it is that makes you so familiar. You also have a twin, I think." Syd backed away. "Were you stalking me?" The boy just laughed. "No, I think I just know that somehow." Then Syd ran away.

Chapter 6

Nari grabbed Syd's arm. But Syd didn't know it was her and screamed, "LET GO!!!" Nari froze and said, "No it's me, Nari." Syd turned and looked. "Sorry." Nari asked, "What is it?" Syd said, "Ben was stalking me for a while."

Nari sighed. "Remind me to punch him in the face."

"Punch who?" a voice asked.

Syd sighed, and turned around. Nari gave Aiden an ugly glare. “No eavesdropping, I thought you knew!”

”It would be reasonable to eavesdrop if you’re thinking about punching my best friend.”

”But he was stalking Syd! And honestly, friend or not, following someone on their first day of Foxfire doesn’t seem right for a fifth year student in their first year of Foxfire.

”I honestly have no idea wha that even means.” Syd wasn’t sure she knew either.

Nari sighed. “Fine. Just respect her privacy and keep Ben away.”

”Jeez fine. But if you punch Ben then it is to Magnate Leto’s office you go.”

”Then make your best friend keep away, jeez.”

“Dude chill. Keep your anger in control, you’re giving me a headache.”

Syd stared. ”Are you an empath?”

”Yup!“ He gave an exaggerated wink. “Youngest to manifest with a record of eleven years of age!”

”Ahem, Syd manifested at four. And last time I checked, she was the most powerful empath who ever walked this world.” With this Aiden’s jaw fell.

“FOUR???” He shook his head. “Abilities aren’t able to fully develop for manifestation at tha age. She must be a year older at the very least.”

“What?!” Syd said, unable to keep herself quiet any longer.

”Yes. Or else you will suffer a thou years of mental blackout after the first time you use the ability.” And with that Syd fell to her knees, unable to calm the shock inside of her.

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