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Bella Anderson
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Bella Anderson

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About Bella Anderson
Full Name: Isabella Faith Anderson
Parents: Tanya and Brian Anderson
Siblings: none
Friends: unknown
Nicknames: Bella
Birthday: December 4
Age: 22
Gender: female
Personality: Bella is a kind and caring girl. She loves writing, drawing, and practicing her ability as a Flasher. She loves school and always works hard to get what she wants. She is very friendly, and can be sarcastic. She is very nice, and can be a bit rude when she wants to. Her favorite things to do are weiting, and hanginh out with friends.


Tanya and Brian Anderson



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Bella Anderson always had a big dream since she was 12. She rarely had anything to do at home since her parents were both emissaries, so she would spend her writing short stories and poems. She began to like doing it, and developed an interest in writing. She continued writing, and told her parents about her dream. They said there was more important things she could do with her life, but if that's what she's wanted, she's have to work hard for it. At the age of 16, she started writing a short novel. She kept writing and trying hard, but she kept getting writers blocks and other problems. She pushed on, working hard, but never succeeded. She eventually gave up writing books, and went to find a different job like that. At the age of 18, Bella had yet to find a job, when she got a story idea. Bella started writing again, but didn't get very far. She went back to searching for a job. She searched for another year, before giving up her dream completely. She instead focused on becoming a Foxfire Teacher. Bella worked hard to get a job, but at the age of 22, realized she couldn't give up her other dream. Bella knew she wouldn't get much luck writing stories, but she could it least try for a position as a Journalist for the Eternalia Times. Bella requested the position, and is now waiting for her interview. Shes a Shade.


Bella has Auburn hair and silvery blue eyes.

Eye Color: silvery blue
Hair Color: auburn
Height: 5'9"
Model: Stefanie Scott

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