One: Bex

I have red hair. Three (annoying.) brothers. I'm a phaser. Guess who?

Bex Harley Dizznee. The greatest person ever. I once told Dexter that and here's how it went:

Me (Bex): I'm the Greatest person alive

Dexter (Dex): No, Sophie is, she's so pretty. And smart and dreamy-

Me: Go on about how dreamy she is!

Dexter: *realizes I gave him a truth serum.*

Dexter: I'm gonna to-

Me: I have a video of that. Do anything I don't like and I press s-s-send to Sophie! Now say Bex is the greatest person alive.

Dexter: Bex is the greatest person alive.

Me: *Sends to everyone BUT Sophie in the entire world expect for humans.

Ro: Ha, ha, ha, Keefe did ya see?

Two: Bex

So, yeah. That's why the neverseen kidnapped me. Because you know, I'm the greatest person alive. Not at all because of Dexter.

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