Hello! I've been thinking about this story for some time so enjoy! 


Marissa Knew she was created by the neverseen.

She knew that she had to complete the mission.

As everything came crashing down on her,

Marissa suddenly realised that the Neverseen did not define her,

she knew that she would not let the Neverseen control her life anymore

Chapter one:

It was yet another normal day for Marissa Stronghold. Marissa was an experiment called Project Felidae. She was genecticly altered to have multiple abilities and to be more agile. Marissa was moved to different hide outs every few days so that nobody would discover her. Everyday, she was trained in every aspect to prepare her for the role the Neverseen had envisioned for her. 

Chapter two:

Marrisa was sitting in the corner of her room staring blankly at the floor. She heard footsteps and looked up. A woman walked in was wearing an elegant red dress with a matching cape. It took a moment for Marrissa to reconise her, Lady Gisela. Lady Gisela surveyed the bare room which only had a bed and a chair and had no windows. "Well, well, look what we have here. " Lady Gisela said, a smile curling on her lips. Marissa bit back a venomous reply as she had learned the hard way what punishment they would give her. Instead, she asked" Why are you here?" "Oh, to give you your first mission to prove yourself worthy"

Chapter Three:

Thoughts swirled around Marissa's head. The Neverseen wanted her to kill someone? Why? Theories kept forming in her brain. Marissa shook her head to clear her thoughts and went to bed. She badly wanted to ask Lady Gisela why The Neverseen wanted to do that, couldn't they send someone else?

Chapter Four:

Marissa woke up to find Ruy waiting for her. Lady Gisela had explianed that she would be going to Exillum as they had heard that her target was going there. Ruy took out her Exillum uniform and mask. He handed it to Marissa and told her to change into it. It was the day Marissa started her mission and the day the Neverseen's plan for her started to backfire.

Chapter Five:

Marissa walked nervously towards the clump of black tents in the hot dessert area. Just as she reached the tents, Marissa started to sink. She screamed for help and tried to keep afloat. Marissa tried desperately to remember all that she had learned from The Neverseen. Just as she was about to sink, Marissa remembered that she had to keep still. A few moments later, Marissa finally got out. Her clothes and hair was filled with sand. As Marissa looked around, she could see other students laughing at her. A coach came forward and told her she was sorted into Ambi and slapped both of her sleeves with a purple hand print.

Chapter Six:

Marissa walked into the tent she was directed too. She could feel everybody's eyes on her. Marissa walked towards the furthest corner of the tent and sat down on the mat there. From there, she studied the people around her. Everyone had a different pin. Marissa fumbled with her own pin which had two symbols, one for telepathy and one for inflicting. Marissa told herself to focus and repeat all the facts that she had learnt about her target, Sophie Foster.

Chapter seven:

The next day, five people arrived. Marissa noticed that one person had three abilities. 'So that must be Sophie,' she thought. Sophie ended up into Ambi like her. Marissa could see that Sophie was surprised that another person had multiple abilities like her. Marissa didn't really like the idea of killing someone, but that was what she was created for.Marissa thought bitterly. There was no way she could escape from the Neverseen too. They had already placed a tracker inside of her body. All Marissa could hope was that she could complete her mission.

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